The Battle of Meme Coins: SLERF, Shiba Inu, and Befe Coin – Which Deserves Your Attention?


The market is seeing an upward trend after 12 Bitcoin spots ETFs got approved to be traded on US financial markets. MEME coins like Shiba Inu, SLERF and Befe are taking the top seat here. Here, we will study the future potential of these 3 coins – SLERF, Shiba Inu and Befe Coin. 

SLERF Uprising 

The famous “blue-chip coin” SLERF is heavily polarizing the market in its favor. SLERF was launched as a Solana-based-meme coin this Monday as per Asian time zones. SLERF gained popularity after its developers accidentally lost their raised funds to a burn wallet address, thus it is now in practically fair supply. SLERF capitalizes itself on animal-based tokens. SLERF has a trade volume of over $1,520,265 in 24 hours.

But, SLERF is the newest coin on the market, hence it is highly speculative now and does not offer any real utility. So, SLERF’s dramatic launch does not guarantee future growth.

Shiba Inu’s Path

Shiba Inu, once a self-claimed DOGE killer, is now struggling to maintain its support levels. Shiba Inu was launched by Ryoshi In 2020 as an alternative to DogeCoin. Shiba Inu gained traction and publicity after Elon’s Musk tweet about his pet Shiba Inu Floki. Shiba Inu’s prices shot up by 4000% during this period but as of press time, it is 5% down. Overall, Shiba Inu crashed more than 16% in a week. SHIB is currently trading for $0.000002646. 

Although Shiba Inu’s SHIB’s layer 2 initiative will help in affordable transactions, the coin is still facing scalability issues. However, our final coin Befe is quite advanced in terms of scalability and affordability.

Befe Coin 

BEFE coin gained popularity for being a reward in exchange for staking Bitgert’s native token. As per Coinmarketcap, Befe surged over 21% in just a month. Since BEFE’s launch in Aug 2020, the current upward growth shows a bullish trend. 

Although the BEFE coin is a meme coin, it also focuses on a strong community. BEFE works on a POA ( Proof-of-authority) consensus mechanism which provides speed and ease-of-use along with security. In the case of both SLERF and Shiba Inu, a combination of all these factors is missing. As of press time, BEFE is trading at $0.000403 and is expected to reach $0.01 cent by 2025.


Shiba Inu, SLERF and Befe all have their pros and cons. But, Befe seems to be taking the lead over both SLERF and Shiba Inu at least for now making BEFE a wise choice. But crypto investments are volatile, so put on your reading glasses and go on a crypto-knowledge tour before investing.


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.