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Terra Luna Classic Price Prediction – Is LUNC a Good Investment Now?

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Terra’s Luna Classic (LUNC) has recently seen a price increase that took it from the lowest point this month, at $0.0002282 to $0.0002513. While a fairly low increase, it is still notable, as it suggests that the project might be recovering, especially after recent news involving a 4-year plan to bring back value to the token.

However, the increase was then suddenly interrupted, possibly by the recent development that has seen the minting of 200 million LUNC.

Terra sees the minting of 200m LUNC

The surprise comes due to the fact that Terra Classic is now trying to burn LUNC tokens in order to reduce the supply. And yet, on October 26th, the community was confused after seeing a green candle emerge on StakeBin, indicating that someone minted around 173 million LUNC.

The explanation came quickly after members of Terra Rebels, a developer team supporting the Terra Classic chain, clarified that the new LUNC came from the community’s approval of the recent proposal 5234.

As it turns out, the community was warned that something like this might happen, and they were instructed not to panic, as it is an expected possibility.

Terra becomes the most searched cryptocurrency in 14 US states

Another surprising development for Terra came from Google data, compiled and reported by Fintech Times. According to the report, Terra somehow became the second-most searched crypto in the US as a whole, bested only by Bitcoin. However, in as many as 14 states, the token holds the number one place as the most searched cryptocurrency.

The states in question include Alabama, California, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington. The report also noted that the new development offers insight into what American investors are interested in, and that Bitcoin is still the primary choice, but that Terra Luna might easily be the second most popular option.

LUNC price prediction

Luna Classic (LUNC) has been performing fairly well over the last several days, as mentioned earlier. Yesterday, the token recorded a 4.4% increase over the previous 24 hours, and while today the price has seen a slight correction, the community seems optimistic about its future.

The increase comes after the project saw a significant pullback, which came after investors withdrew profits earlier this month. The fluctuations have caused many to question the sustainability of the project’s growth, but the project has still managed to avoid huge and sudden price declines that marked this October for many other assets.

Many now believe that LUNC is a good investment, especially considering the amount of popularity it has seen, the announcement of a 4-year recovery plan, and the fact that it will continue with regular burns to reduce circulating supply.

Alternative investment: D2T token

Apart from LUNC, another cryptocurrency viewed as a very good opportunity right now is Dash 2 Trade (D2T). This is a token of the Dash 2 Trade platform, which aims to provide the crypto community with tools needed to make educated trading and investing decisions. That includes things like trading signals, social analytics, exchange listing alerts, user trading competitions, and more.

The project was created by Learn 2 Trade, which is a crypto-learning platform with a community that numbers over 70,000 members. D2T is also holding a presale right now, which offers D2T tokens at a price of 0.0513 USDT per token. The project has already raised over $2.7 million, with a goal of hitting $5.16 million. Right now, only around half, or 48.8 million D2T tokens remain on offer.

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