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Ternoa Launches its Own VR NFT Gallery!

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

In this article, discover more about Ternoa’s new VR NFT Gallery, debuting NFTs from their collection, as well as the sale of one unique, limited edition NFT. 

Ternoa, which just launched its innovative testnet allowing users to explore the current blockchain features such as minting NFTs, creating their own NFT marketplace and more, has embarked on a new journey in the metaverse by establishing a virtual NFT Gallery for its community members to experience.

An NFT Gallery Testing New Technology

Ternoa created this VR space in search of a unique way to allow their community to test out the new QR code buying feature on their Ternoa Wallet Application, as well as a way to start incorporating the metaverse into their current project ventures. Creating this NFT gallery, hosting a limited edition NFT for sale only for those who have the Ternoa Wallet app, seemed to be the perfect solution.

Tour the Gallery

By clicking on the link below and entering the given code, users may put on their virtual reality headsets and have a look at the displayed NFTs as if they were right in front of you. 

Visit Ternoa’s VR NFT gallery here.

The museum space is made up of over 20 NFTs created by international artists featured from Ternoa’s SecretNFT Marketplace. These NFTs are only on display for the community’s enjoyment, and are not for sale. Yet there is one special, limited edition NFT with only a few copies available, that will have a QR code next to it for users to scan with their Ternoa Wallet and be able to purchase!

Buying the Limited Edition NFT

To participate in buying this NFT, users must first download and prepare their Ternoa Wallet app by loading it with test caps. To do so, they must go to Ternoa’s testnet platform and claim test caps from their faucet straight into their Ternoa Wallet. While individuals explore the museum, they will find that one of the NFTs has a QR code next to it. Should you scan this code onto your Ternoa Wallet, you’ll be able to purchase the NFT with your test caps right away! It is however important to act quickly. This NFT is only available in a limited quantity, and is first come, first served! 

Why enter in the metaverse?

The metaverse is a fictitious version of the web that allows users to access permanent online 3-D virtual worlds using traditional personal computers along with digital and augmented reality headgear. Current metaverse goals include overcoming technology limits with contemporary digital and immersive virtual reality technologies, along with increasing metaverse apps to include commerce, educational, and retailing experiences. Several multimedia and media corporations have made significant investments into metaverse research and development.

Ternoa has lofty ambitions and aspires to be one of the main companies that will lead the way in combining blockchain technologies and NFTs with the metaverse. With their current blockchain features allowing users to store, encrypt and transmit their private data over the long term through the use of NFTs, adding VR to their belt was an easy choice. In the near future, the project aims to continue launching special and or private NFT galleries and events in the metaverse, using exclusive NFTs and the Ternoa Wallet as the keys to these events. There is so much that can come from this combination of technologies, it will be exciting to see what Ternoa will bring next!

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