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TeraBlock Uses Machine Learning to Create a One-Stop Crypto Shop

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of


TeraBlock is a cryptocurrency gateway that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to create the ultimate user experience for beginners. Using TeraBlock’s platform, any user can easily navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency trading market, even when they are in the early stages of learning.

While you gen up on the art of trading, TeraBlock automates your portfolio, using automated strategies that are designed to optimize profit. Using TeraBlock, crypto newbs can take advantage of price increases in the market while the machine learning and AI algorithms make timely decisions to lock in profits and protect your growing portfolio.

After nabbing 2.4 Million USD in private funding, Terablock plans to conduct an IDO on BSC Pad in 6 days.

Bringing Automated Trading to the Mainstream

Many of the most successful venture capital firms and hedge funds at least partially rely on machine learning and AI to optimize their trading. TeraBlock is bringing these capabilities from Wall St. to the hands of everyday traders. Let’s get into TeraBlock’s two major components, machine learning and artificial intelligence, to see how they benefit platform users.

TeraBlock introduces automated trading through investment in four separate cryptocurrency indexes. The TeraBlock development team bases these indexes on factors like market capitalization, historical asset performance, project capabilities, and in-depth statistical data. This allows users to have more options when it comes to allocating funds, with each index’s financial archives readily accessible for users to evaluate before they enter a position.

For both novice and expert traders, indexes are an easy way to gain exposure to a specific sector of a financial market by allocating funds across various projects. All of these projects are bundled into a single investment product, allowing users to gain exposure without the complexities of purchasing each asset and actively managing an extensive portfolio. Anyone who has attempted to day-trade will know that portfolio management is pretty much a full-time job on its own, so introducing an automated system can save investors, especially new investors, a lot of time and energy.

TeraBlock’s indexes are self-regulating in order to minimize downside losses for their contributors. When the system notices a price drop within an index, it will exit your index position based on machine learning and AI inputs, waiting for a calculated time to target a profitable reentry point. Since the cryptocurrency markets run 24/7, this eliminates the need to actively monitor your position or set stop losses, as TeraBlock handles everything.

Additional Products to Simplify Trading

TeraBlock’s index reweighting and trading mechanism is sure to benefit traders, but they have created other trader-focused products to bring additional value to the ecosystem. TeraBlock has also introduced drag-and-drop portfolio trading, making it easy for anyone to dictate a clear trading strategy without having high technical experience. This can include importing an existing trading strategy or implementing trading rules so that your assets are traded based on predetermined and set trading conditions.

Although some participants say they are investing in cryptocurrency because they are ‘in it for the technology’, everyone wants to make some money. Although TeraBlock doesn’t guarantee returns for investors, as no one can, it’s created an easy interface for new traders to optimize their trading potential as they get a footing in the market.

TeraBlock does not promise overnight riches; it doesn’t even necessarily promise fool-proof profits. However, its highly sophisticated algorithm, designed by some of the top thinkers in the industry, has the ability to simplify and optimize your crypto trading. If you are a newcomer looking to gain exposure to a larger cryptocurrency market sector, rather than putting all your eggs into a single basket, TeraBlock might just be the solution.