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Tech Expert Nik Kalyani, Founder of Decentology, is Uplifting Women in Crypto

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In just a few decades, the world has seen major technological changes. The introduction of the internet has been another milestone humanity has achieved. We’ve come a long way from just understanding how the internet works to making the most out of the opportunities it can provide. Recently, the boom of Web3 has been the talk of the town as well.

Cryptocurrency has been a gamer changer for many people. Tech expert Nik Kalyani is currently working extremely hard to uplift women involved in the crypto industry. He believes that it’s important for them to be part of this growth equally. He has supported many projects that help women achieve financial stability through making a passive income.

He has been collaborating and giving out various grants to talented and ambitious women to create an empire. Nik has especially supported women artists around the world. He aims to ensure that women excel in the domain and assist others as well. Creating a system like this would be extremely beneficial for society.

Nik has been successful in financially supporting projects such as Surge Women, TryCrypto, and Bored Babes. Most of these initiatives are focused on educating and building up women in this industry. Moreover, one of them is an NFT collection as well, which solely revolves around women who are building strong financial pools.

While trying to make all this possible, Nik has also been working on the company he founded. He is an entrepreneur who established Decentology. His company has been behind the building and launching the Hyperverse, which is an open but secure, on-chain code marketplace that helps any JavaScript developer to easily and quickly build Web3 application(s) without having to write a single line of smart contract code. Developers can put together pre-developed and audited Smart Modules to make their own Dapps (Decentralized Applications), much like building with lego blocks. This unique concept has gained a lot of support from the relevant niche.

Along with that, Decentology is also playing a vital role in spreading the word and giving people the awareness to understand how the Web3 space works. Nik has introduced these fresh concepts, and he takes absolute pride in his hard work. People like him should be cherished and recognized for the value they have been able to add to the tech world.

Supporting more women developers to join the Web3 space is a significant cause, and what Nik is investing in right now will impact future generations. Many talented women are willing to grow and challenge themselves, but finding the right opportunities can be tough during these times. The initiatives Nik has been building are a great way to empower and uplift women, so their futures are brighter. 

I want the world to see that women can not only excel in the crypto domain, but their innate empathy enables them to create amazing solutions that move the entire ecosystem forward without leaving those less-privileged or less-abled behind,” says Nik.

The 21st century has genuinely changed the standing women have in the world. Availing the right chances and making the right decisions can lead to further successful women around the globe. Crypto trading and NFT investments are another way for them to challenge themselves. What Nik is doing for this cause is very inspiring and motivational.