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Tamadoge Memecoin Is Giving Away $100,000 – How to Win?

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Tamadoge is rewarding one lucky winner from its growing community of players with an airdrop-style crypto bounty of up to $100,000. 

Interested? Read on to find out how to win. 

$100k Bounty For One Lucky Winner – How to Enter 

Tamadoge recently announced its giveaway on Twitter. And at a time when the entire crypto industry is experiencing a bear market, the giveaway is one way to lift the spirits of those who believe in the project.

To be eligible, users must have Tama holdings worth $100 on the day of the draw, which means they must purchase an equivalent amount of TAMA tokens from the Tamadoge website. 

Interestingly, Tamadoge offers its community nine different ways to enter the competition – each simple task worth entry points. 

To get started, users are required first to connect the giveaway page powered by Gleam.io with an email, Facebook, Google+, or Twitter account, then enter the Tamadoge crypto wallet address. By doing so, the platform will record inputs as tasks are completed and progress is made.  

To qualify for the $100,000 prize, Tamadoge players must complete nine simple activities;

  • Next, enter the Tamadoge crypto wallet address 
  • Follow the Tamadoge Twitter account, tweet and retweet about Tamadoge, and tag Elon Musk.
  • Join the Tamadoge Discord community
  • Join the Tamadoge Telegram community, 
  • Share the Tamadoge news with friends and family 
  • Follow Tamadoge on Instagram
  • And follow Tamadoge on YouTube

All of the tasks are aimed at raising awareness for the Tamadoge project. After meeting the minimum requirement and completing the tasks, one lucky winner will receive the prize money. 


What Is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge is one of the best meme coin projects. The blockchain game is packed with NFTs and play-to-earn features and runs using its native cryptocurrency, called TAMA

The core of the Tamaverse game is all about digital pets that players can collect, breed, and battle with. The goal is for players to nurture the virtual Tamadoge pets and keep them happy and healthy. Ultimately, users can use the pet to play one of many available games and move up levels to generate game points called Dogepoints. 

Players with the most Dogepoints at the end of every month receive free TAMA tokens as rewards. 

At press time, TAMA is valued at $0.0218 with a 24-hour trading volume of $954,117. The pets and other in-game items/collectibles are also NFTs that can be exchanged for money or used for in-game purchases.

In other words, besides the immersive gaming experience, players can earn passive income and have fun while at it.

Utility Will Make Tamadoge the Next Big Thing

One significant criticism of existing meme coins, like Shiba Inu, is the lack of utility. With little to no use cases, there were doubts about the potential of SHIB becoming the “Dogecoin Killer.” 

However, the Tamadoge team understands that utility will drive the token and has built it with an immersive gaming experience and a deflationary token to match. 

TAMA had one of the most impressive presales, raising over $19 million in eight weeks.

On November 10, the digital asset was listed on the well-known centralized exchange Gate.io, allowing millions more cryptocurrency investors access to the massive potential of the Tamadoge ecosystem.

This comes after other high-profile listings on other exchanges, including OKX, LBank, and MEXC Global.