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Swords of Blood Crypto Project Review & How to Buy

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of

Swords of Blood could be the biggest play-and-earn blockchain game of 2023. Its innovative hack-and-slash game has every chance of achieving this goal, which is why its presale campaign is already proving popular with growth investors. 

In this guide, we review the Swords of Blood whitepaper and explain how to buy its native token, SWDTKN. 

Swords of Blood Crypto: What is it?

In a nutshell, Swords of Blood is developing a blockchain-based game that offers tokenized rewards. The primary focus of the project is long-term player retention. Swords of Blood believes that the best way to do this is to prioritize gaming quality over earning potential. 

In other words, by producing an AAA-quality game with immersive experiences, its rewards system will remain sustainable and self-sufficient. Hence, more users will want to play. This is unlike many blockchain games in the market, which focus on earning capabilities rather than player enjoyment. 

As per the demo video above, Swords of Blood is an action-based game set in the evil world of Ezura. Players will need to combat flying seahorses, demons, goblins, and more. Players are represented by their own character, backed by an NFT. Characters can be personalized by purchasing in-game items. 

With that said, Swords of Blood is a free-to-play game. This means that users can play Swords of Blood without needing to buy crypto or NFTs. As such, Swords of Blood is likely to appeal to a much larger number of players, including those that are not actively involved in crypto. 

By progressing through the game, players will earn SWDTKN tokens. SWDTKN can be used to purchase in-game boosters, NFTs, weapons, upgrades, and more. Alternatively, SWDTKN can be swapped for another crypto asset via an exchange. Crucially, SWDTKN is also the investment token of the project and is currently available to buy via the Swords of Blood presale. 

Swords of Blood Mechanics

Swords of Blood is a hack-and-slash game that requires players to defeat evil characters. The game is being developed on the Polygon network, ensuring that gameplay remains robust and scalable. This also enables Swords of Blood to develop in-game assets that are backed by NFTs. 

Swords of Blood will host two core gaming features – PvP (Player-vs-Player) and PvE (Player-vs-Environment). The latter means that players will compete against AI-backed creatures. Rewards will be earned when players complete quests. 

PvP, on the other hand, enables players to compete against each other online. In addition to quests, this will include tournaments and leagues. Players with the most points will earn extra SWDTKN tokens. 

All gameplay outcomes are backed by an RNG (random number generator). For example, the ability of an AI-backed goblin to defeat the player will be based on the traits of both characters. This ensures that Swords of Blood is fair and free from manipulation. 

As noted above, Swords of Blood can be enjoyed by players from all over the world on a free-to-play basis. The project is sustainable because it offers the option for players to purchase in-game assets. Any in-game assets bought are 100% owned by the player, backed by an NFT. 

Players also have the option of selling their in-game assets on the Swords of Blood marketplace. The value of the in-game asset will depend on its traits. In-game assets also enable players to fast-track their progression through the game, fueling greater SWDTKN rewards. 

Tradable Game Utility Tokens

Each and every in-game item can be bought and/or earned. Swords of Blood refers to this as a game utility token (GUT). 

  • GUTs are backed by NFTs on the blockchain, so are earned by players. 
  • Examples include weapons, power upgrades, and customized items for characters. 
  • There are four sub-sections of GUTs. 
  • This includes the genesis edition, premium edition, special edition, and standard edition. 
  • Genesis, premium, and special edition GUTs enable players to create a new and unique version of the item. 

Additionally, Swords of Blood will enable players to earn GUTs through crypto staking. Similarly, players can also stake SWDTKN tokens to earn additional rewards. 

What’s Special About Swords of Blood?

There are many new blockchain projects in the market. Therefore, in this section, we explore some of the stand-out features of Swords of Blood and its native SWDTKN token. 

AAA-Quality Gaming

Swords of Blood is developing an AAA-quality game. This means that its hack-and-slash game will be of the highest quality. Not only in terms of gameplay enjoyment but graphics and story modes too. Ultimately, the most successful games globally are those that have a high retention rate. 

This is exactly what Swords of Blood is focused on. Its developers believe that producing the most enjoyable blockchain game possible will entice both existing and new players to its ecosystem. This is likely to be reflected in the value of its SWDTKN token in the long run.  


Swords of Blood is set to become the best free play-to-earn game in the market. This means that players can enter the game and earn rewards without needing to pay anything upfront. 

This is in contrast to many other blockchain games in the market, which often require players to buy crypto tokens before getting started. 

As a free-to-play game with tokenized rewards, this is likely to appeal to a much broader demographic. 

Sustainable Tokenomics

Although Swords of Blood is a free-to-play crypto game, it operates a sustainable model that is self-sufficient. In fact, the project is able to generate revenue in many ways. 

For example, players that wish to fast-track their gaming progress can buy an in-game item. A special sword, for instance, will increase the player’s odds of defeating a flying seahorse. 

The whitepaper also notes that certain areas of the game require SWDTKN tokens to gain access. If the player hasn’t earned enough SWDTKN tokens through free-to-play gameplay, then they have the option of buying some. 

Swords of Blood will also generate revenue through its secondary marketplace. This is where players buy and sell in-game assets, such as boosters and gear. Put simply, Swords of Blood takes a cut of all secondary sales.  

Own In-Game Assets

Unlike conventional video games on Xbox and Playstation, Swords of Blood allows players to own the in-game items that they buy. This is also the same for items that are earned during free-to-play gameplay.

As such, players have the opportunity to hold onto their in-game items to boost their progress or sell them via the secondary marketplace. This is likely to incentivize players to remain on the Swords of Blood platform long-term.  

Get Paid to Play Games

The rewards aspect of Swords of Blood is very appealing. This offers extra motivation to progress through the game and attempt to complete as many quests as possible. 

After all, SWDTKN tokens will trade on crypto exchanges after the presale. This means that players can cash out their SWDTKN tokens for another altcoin, and then for fiat money. 

Nothing like this exists in the traditional video gaming industry, which is why Swords of Blood is one of the best future crypto projects to invest in. 

Additionally, SWDTKN tokens can also be used to buy in-game assets and access new quests. SWDTKN can also be staked, meaning players will earn passive rewards. 

Is Swords of Blood Token a Worthwhile Investment?

Below, we discuss some of the reasons why Swords of Blood is the best crypto to buy

Invest From the Ground Up

Swords of Blood is selling its SWDTKN tokens to early investors via a crypto presale. This means that investors can gain exposure to the project from the ground up. 

In other words, early investors of the new coin listing will get the best price possible. The success of Swords of Blood will be reflected in the value of its token. 

As more investors and players buy SWDTKN, this could see its market value skyrocket. Moreover, as one of the best low-cap cryptos, the upside available is sizable. 

This can’t be said for other blockchain gaming projects like Axie Infinity and Decentraland, which have already witnessed much of their growth stage. 

We discuss the Swords of Blood presale in more detail shortly. 

High-Growth Market

Play-to-earn gaming on the blockchain is expected to be a huge market in the coming years. Not only are gamers incentives to play through tokenized rewards, but they also own in-game items. 

According to CoinMarketCap, the current value of all play-to-earn cryptocurrencies is just under $6 billion. However, this is just a fraction of the broader video game market. For instance, a recent PwC study found that the global gaming industry is expected to be worth $321 billion in 2026. 

As such, Swords of Blood is operating in a huge marketplace, so the upside of its SWDTKN token could be huge. 

Web3 Technologies

Another reason why Swords of Blood represents a viable investment is that its game is backed by web3 technologies. 

  • For example, gaming outcomes are generated by RNG, backed by smart contracts. 
  • This protects the integrity of the game, insofar as battles and quests are based on probability. 
  • For instance, if a player has a special weapon, then the probability of them defeating an evil demon is higher. 
  • Moreover, the smart contract outcome cannot be manipulated internally or externally. 

As Swords of Blood is built on the Polygon blockchain, this ensures that its ecosystem can handle a larger number of players. It also ensures that in-game transactions, such as NFT sales, are conducted with low fees. 

After buying an NFT in Swords of Blood, it is hosted securely on the Polygon blockchain. This also makes it seamless to trade the NFT on a wallet-to-wallet basis. 

Who is Behind Swords of Blood?

Swords of Blood is run by an experienced team of gamers, developers, and blockchain programmers. Each and every core team member has been verified, ensuring that there is solid accountability. 

The founder and CEO of the project, James Seamon, has unrivaled experience in the traditional gaming industry, including a Vice President Of Business Development role at East2West. Seamon is also the owner of another gaming project, Hit Box Games. 

The COO of Swords of Blood, Jeremy Brown, has a wealth of experience in consultancy, financial systems, and profit maximization. 

Swords of Blood has also partnered with notable advisors that will help guide the project from startup to mass market. This includes Labs, which is backed by one of the world’s largest exchanges. 

Swords of Blood’s Future Plans

Swords of Blood has a solid roadmap with clear completion dates. This will help investors keep tabs on the progress being made by the project. 

At this stage, Swords of Blood is working on the release of its closed beta launch. This will enable industry experts to test the game out and evaluate any potential security threats. The team is also in the midst of the presale campaign, which will help fund the project’s development. 

The open beta release will be launched in Q2-Q3 2023, as will the testing phase for its multiplayer game. The team will also be working on its NFT marketplace, GUTs, gaming tutorials, and tournaments. 

By the end of 2023, Swords of Blood aims to reach a market cap of $150 million. Moving into early 2024, the mainnet release will be launched. The team also aims to finalize its tournament-based rewards and in-game NFTs. 

Ultimately – the project aims to reach a market cap of over $450 million by the end of 2024. 

Swords of Blood Presale 

To only way to invest in Swords of Blood at the lowest price possible is via its presale. The presale offers access to its native token, SWDTKN, and will sell 16% of the total supply. 

Moreover, none of the presale tokens bought will be vested. This means that investors can access their SWDTKN tokens as soon as the presale has finished. 

The Swords of Blood presale will have multiple stages. As each stage completes, the price of SWDTKN increases. This is why investing early secures the best price. 

Right now, the stage one price of $0.054 is still available. Once the presale moves to stage two, SWDTKN will be priced at $0.06. Therefore, investing in the Swords of Blood presale today locks in an 11% upside of this top penny crypto

The presale is being hosted on the Swords of Blood dashboard and there is no requirement to provide any personal information. The presale accepts multiple cryptocurrencies, including ETH, USDT, USDC, and DAI.

To complete the purchase, The Swords of Blood presale supports Metamask and Trust Wallet. 

How to Invest in Swords of Blood 

Investing in crypto ICOs for the first time can be a daunting process. 

Beginners can follow the step-by-step guide below to buy Sword of Blood tokens in just five minutes. 

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

A suitable crypto wallet is needed to access the Swords of Blood presale and buy SWDTKN. As noted above, the presale supports both Metamask and Trust Wallet. 

We are completing the process on a laptop device, so are opting for the Metamask browser extension for Chrome. Metamask also supports Brave, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. 

Those investing via a smartphone will likely prefer the Trust Wallet app. The steps are largely the same nonetheless. 

After downloading and installing Metamask, proceed to set the wallet up. This entails choosing a password and writing down the 12-word backup phrase. 

Step 2: Add Crypto to Wallet

At this stage, the Metamask wallet will be empty. As such, we need to transfer some crypto tokens.

The presale accepts four ERC-20 tokens, ETH, USDT, USDC, and DAI. Deposit any of these tokens into the wallet. 

If using Metamask, the deposit address can be found at the top of the main interface, underneath ‘Account 1’. 

After transferring the tokens, they should appear in the wallet in 1-2 minutes. 

Step 3: Connect Crypto Wallet to Swords of Blood Presale

Next, visit the Swords of Blood presale. Underneath the countdown timer, click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button. 

A pop-up box like the above will then appear. Select ‘Metamask’, ensuring that the wallet is installed on the same device being used. 

If it is, a Metamask notification will show, asking for authentication. This simply requires the investor to confirm that they want to connect Metamask to the Swords of Blood presale.  

Step 4: Buy Swords of Blood Tokens

Once the wallet has been connected to the presale dashboard, choose the payment token. This is the token that was transferred to Metamask in step two. 

Then, select how many SWDTKN to buy. Before the transaction is processed, Metamask will ask for authentication. Confirm the purchase and Metamask will transfer the tokens to the Swords of Blood presale. 

Step 5: Claim Presale Tokens

Go back to the Swords of Blood website after the presale finishes. There will be a ‘Claim Tokens’ button available – click it. 

Then, reconnect the Metamask wallet to claim the tokens. 


Many industry commentators believe that Swords of Blood could be the go-to blockchain game in 2023. Not only is the game being developed to AAA-level quality, but it will enable players to earn tokenized rewards and NFTs. 

The Swords of Blood presale has just launched, enabling investors to buy SWDTKN at an attractive price. Stage one is still ongoing, meaning each SWDTKN token costs just $0.054. 


What is Swords of Blood?

Swords of Blood is a new, revolutionary game being built on the Polygon blockchain. This is an AAA-quality game that enables players to earn rewards for completing quests, challenges, and battles. Both player-vs-player (PvP) and play-vs-environment (PvE) modes will be supported. The game’s native token, SWDTKN, is now being sold to early investors via a presale campaign. 

Is Swords of Blood Crypto a Worthwhile Investment?

Investors from both the crypto and financial industries are taking a very keen interest in Swords of Blood. Not only is its free-to-play rewards game of AAA quality, but its native SWDTKN token has a huge upside. The best way to invest in Swords of Blood is via the recently launched presale.