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Switzerland-based GriffinAI Project Launches to Build More Capable AI Agents on-chain

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.


GriffinAI, launched in Switzerland by crypto veteran Oliver Feldmeier, aims to enhance AI Agents capabilities by integrating them into a secure, decentralized network. The project’s first set of agents focus is on improving DeFi experiences via advanced AI agents like ELANN.AI. Upcoming steps include a mainnet launch and the release of a technical whitepaper on May 15.

GriffinAI, a newly launched project in Switzerland, aims to develop a decentralized platform where AI agents and people can efficiently collaborate to create value in a secure, permissionless environment.

Led by Oliver Feldmeier, the GriffinAI project comprises an experienced team with deep expertise in both the blockchain and machine learning industries. Feldmeier, a seasoned veteran of the crypto sector, previously built the first fully-regulated digital asset platform in Switzerland in 2017. As CEO, he made his mark executing the first IPO on Nasdaq of its kind in Europe

Enhancing AI Agents’ Capabilities

“The limitation of today’s early AI agents in performing tasks demands a transformative approach. On one side, with the ongoing advancements in large language models (LLMs), these agents are set to become significantly smarter. On the other hand, by integrating the agents into the blockchain-based networks such as GriffinAI, they can become more autonomous and more useful already today. For example, on the GriffinAI network, each agent will possess an individual ID and wallet, thereby giving them the ability to transact and manage more complex tasks. Imagine an AI agent representing an investment research analyst who could independently purchase access to necessary data or research reports, a feat currently unattainable for AI agents”.
says Oliver Feldmeier

On-Chain Agents for a Permissionless yet Secure Network
Deploying AI agents on-chain within the GriffinAI ecosystem addresses significant challenges like corporate control over agent development. GriffinAI allows any developer to build and monetize their agents in a permissionless manner, bypassing corporate approvals. However, this opens up potential risks from malicious harmful applications. “To mitigate these risks, trust within this environment can be established through on-chain ID and third-party verifications,” explains Feldmeier. On the GriffinAI network, any agent or agent developer can operate a node and establish their identity using the GriffinAI public key, which enables reputation building.

Foundation as the Base for Decentralized Network
A key to the project’s success is its deep decentralization and proper legal setup. Due to the team’s extensive expertise in regulatory and compliance matters, they decided to establish GriffinAI as a non-profit foundation in Liechtenstein. This arrangement optimally connects the structure to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), while maintaining regulatory compliance ahead of the non-security token issuance planned for later this year. 

First Use Case: Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
Development on the first agent prototypes for the GriffinAI project commenced last summer, focusing on DeFi investment experience, to address the biggest pain point of crypto investing. The team has initiated the development of three distinct AI agents: a research analyst, a transaction execution manager, and a risk manager. The research analyst agent prototype, launched under the brand ELANN.AI last October, aggregates and evaluates news, delivering AI-generated summaries and reports from over 100 news sources in various avatars and tones of voice. “The upcoming conversational interface will allow users to interact directly with their research analyst, vastly reducing the time spent on personal research,” Feldmeier added.

In January, leveraging multilingual Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, the team released the first localized version of Elann.AI for the Korean market, which brought about a partnership with Korea’s second-largest exchange, Bithumb, and the subsequent integration of ELANN.AI into its non-custodial wallet, Burrito.

Looking Ahead

After the GriffinAI mainnet launch later this year, agents like Elann.AI will commence operations within the GriffinAI protocol, making them not only transaction-enabled but also facilitating easy integration into any decentralized application (DApp). Ahead of the testnet launch, the team is set to release the GriffinAI network’s technical whitepaper on May 15, alongside the launch of the first contributor program.






Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.