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SuperWild Club, NFTs at the Service of the First Collaborative Animation Studio in the World

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by

The proposal made by SuperWild Club is very strong: create the first collaborative animation studio in the world. Unlike many NFT projects that evolve with management teams controlling all decisions internally in a more or less closed way. The SuperWild Club team, a colourful and very promising project, has decided to play the card of openness by involving its community at each important step of the project’s evolution. A real shift in the world of NFT.

A collaborative project

The DNA of SuperWild Club lies in its will to literally create an animated series WITH the community. We are talking about a collaborative project that aims to give the community all the latitude to shape the project itself, notably by building a collaborative animation studio.

Far from the reality of hundreds of animation studios that have a vertical approach to decision-making that emanates only from the management team, we are here in a level dynamic that gives voice to the members of the community who will be directly involved in the development and evolution of the project.

The decisions that the community will have to take will concern the choice of the scenarios, the decorations, the clothing styles and even questions relating to the choice of the characters of SuperWild Club. Setting up a collaborative studio is the first step of the project.

Rewarding early birds

People interested in joining the project and taking an active part in it will become Super Members who will be entitled to exclusive rewards and benefits. 

These Super Members will be entitled to royalties that will be generated according to the earnings of the episodes produced by the SuperWild Club. Every dollar earned will be shared. The project will soon go into detail about the distribution of these royalties in the whitepaper.

The synopsis of the series

Here are a few lines from the synopsis (available on the site in its long version) that will serve as a backdrop for SuperWild Club:

“Two years after a mysterious catastrophe that annihilated the entire planet, the island of SuperWild is the only one left standing (no one knows why or how this one was spared).

Its pleasant climate all year round, its luxuriant vegetation and its futuristic architecture characterize this exceptional island. And this is without taking into account the diversity of its inhabitants, each one more different than the other.

Despite the slight friction between the citizens of SuperWild Island, a common interest invigorates them: to protect their island and the precious Jaoa trees from external threats at all costs.”

A first collection with feathers

To inaugurate the series of animal families, the Macaws have been chosen and will be the first characters of the series. The collection will include 6 530 NFT. It should be noted that several species were used as a source of inspiration and that a particular effort was put into the impeccable design of the various feathers.

This first collection of Macaws will feature four species: the Spix, Buffon Macaw, Cobalt and Blue Throated. Each species will include a different number, a choice based on the actual number of individuals still alive on Earth: 180 Spix Macaws, 650 Blue Throated Macaws, 2,000 Cobalt Macaws and 3,700 Buffon Macaws.

All the details have been carefully worked out. From the backgrounds to the facial expressions to the accessories and clothing, the talented artist Raul Gonzalez, in collaboration with art directors Joaquin Jacome and Julien Roche of Blackballoon, created all the visual elements that will make each NFT a unique work of art.

Let’s not forget to mention the 12 “legendary” macaws (three per species).

The five steps to the collaborative studio

1) Release of the first collection

The Macaws will be the first ones to inaugurate the collection, but other species will be invited for the next ones. It is possible to HODLER (keep) a Super Animal, which allows you to collect royalties on the profits of the series whose release is planned for the end of 2023.

2) Become a member

The members of the community who are part of the collaborative studio will be able to give their opinions and comments and form the base of the project and its evolution. Thanks to them, decisions will be made regarding future character choices, design, merchandising and other derivative products.

3) Listening to what the community has to say

The project’s founders are keen to involve community members in the creation process. They are therefore invited to give their opinion on the scenarios, choose the species, costumes, style, etc.

4) Creation of the studio

This is the very concrete step of the project, which will consist in setting up the animation studio and hiring the different talents (animators, developers, designers, scriptwriters) who will give life to the Super Animals.

5) The metaverse

Once SuperWild Club is known, the next logical step will be to make the island live in a metaverse.

Specificities of the NFT

Each Super Animal you will meet is unique. Some are rarer than others, and some are even legendary.

Super Animals are stored as ERC-721A tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS, a peer-to-peer protocol for hypermedia addressable content distribution.

Example of characters

As shown in the screenshot above, each character has its own peculiarities, character, clothing style and degree of rarity. For example, Lenny, the displayed character, is very rare. In fact, there are only 180 copies of this rare character. Conversely, Janet’s character exists in 3,700 NFTs.

Any questions?

What will the price be?

The Wildlist sale price will be $380, and the public sale price will be $480 (due to the current fluctuation of the cryptocurrency market, the price is displayed in US dollars, but the mint will, of course, be in ETH or by credit card via crossmint).

How to get an NFT SuperWild Club?

It will be possible to mint one or more SuperWild Club NFTs directly on the official website. The exact date and time will be communicated via the Discord server 10 minutes beforehand to avoid any possibility of duplication of the site and thus scams.

Will there be other collections?

Yes, there will be several collections, the first one being the Aras (6 530 NFT). The other collections will be released later this year, notably the Rhinoceros and Lemur collections.

Who will decide the order of release of the different collections?

The community will decide which one will be released first.

As the project’s roadmap indicates, the adventure is just beginning as the founding team plans to create the animation studio and launch the first episode between the first and last quarter of 2023. 

Until then, if you want to join the adventure, nothing could be easier. Just communicate on Discord with Throze, the community manager of the project.

Follow the evolution of the project on Instagram, Twitter and via the server Discord.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.