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Super Doge Crypto Game Review – Where to Play

Patrick Jennings
Last updated: | 18 min read

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of

Super Doge is the first game from Tamadoge – a viral crypto presale project of last year and one of the top 15 meme coins by market capitalization today. Super Doge is part of the Tamadoge Arcade, Tamadoge’s first step into a fun-centric gaming space where the earning mechanics can match up to the gaming mechanics. 

Super Doge has simple aesthetics, consisting of a 2D doge character that you navigate across challenging platforms. The goal here is to accumulate points and generate profits simultaneously. However, seeing that there have been many games in the P2E space with almost the same caliber, what does Super Doge do differently? 

This article reviews the different aspects of this game, from gameplay to graphics to earning mechanics, to assess if Super Doge has what it takes to finally make the crypto gaming space more appealing to non-crypto gamers. 

What is Tamadoge – A Brief Background

Before we move any further, here is a brief overview of Tamadoge, the project Super Doge has sprung out of. 

Tamadoge is a memecoin project that combines doge aesthetics with P2E. The project aims to shed the “joke” skin that memecoins have been plagued with and rebrand them into high utility tokens. 

Helping it in that endeavor is a combination of great tokenomics and a unique P2E mechanic that focuses on gameplay as it does on the earning part. At the center of the ecosystem are two elements – Tamadoge NFTs and Tamadoge tokens. 

Tamadoge token, also known as TAMA, is a deflationary asset that maintains the entire ecosystem. It leverages the marketability of the doge tokens and gives them utility in the P2E space to give more value to investors. The TAMA crypto presale resulted in as high as 19x gains for its earliest investors during its first bull cycle.

TAMA tokens are used to transact on the ecosystem, are stakable, and don’t carry any transaction text. Devs have designed the Tamadoge ecosystem in a way that allows it to be profitable without having to rely on deterrents like transaction tax – factors that increase the entry barrier of P2E. 

According to the original whitepaper, TAMA tokens would be used to buy Tamadoge Pets from the Tamadoge marketplace. It is a unique marketplace in the Tamaverse (more on that later) where the pets can interact with each other and their holders in an AR ecosystem. 

Tamadoge pets are playable characters, NFTs that users can purchase from the pet store, which directs people to Opensea for now. An announcement for an upcoming Tamadoge app was also made a couple of days ago, which investors seem to be highly excited about. They can then use customizations and accessories to upgrade these pets, which helps them accrue more dogepoints as they play the game. Collected dogepoints are counted at the end of the month, and the one with the most points gets rewarded in Tamadoge tokens. 

Tamadoge arcade is what hosts most of the doge-featuring games on the platform. The arcade currently features five games, of which Super Doge is the first. 

Read on as we review in detail the different aspects of the Super Doge crypto game.

Super Doge Crypto Game Review – A Comprehensive Look

Super Doge is a 2D platformer featuring a doge that can jump across the platforms while dodging enemies and collecting points. The game has been designed to have the same aesthetics as Mario – in more than just gameplay terms. The 2D doge can jump across obstacles and on the enemies to accumulate points while ensuring not to fall. 

The game plays well as an endless runner but has a different spin on it as you can go back and get the points you have missed, giving this game a modern 2D gaming approach.


Super Doge’s graphics are simple, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Most P2E games have tried to compete with traditional games overlooking the hardware limitations of the Web3 space – which has, in turn, stopped P2E space from growing up. Tamadoge, therefore, has taken a simpler, more accessible approach. 

The game is set on a 2D plane where your pixelated doge walks and jumps across simple-looking platforms while dodging enemies in gray armor. The simplicity of the game reminds us of the times when we wasted hours playing Dave. Doge’s animation, while it runs, is great, and the enemies’ movements are good too. Tthe blue backdrop gives a relaxed feeling while playing the game, which is also an interesting aspect. Simply put, the game’s aesthetic is smooth and simple – exactly what we wanted from a 2D doge. So, no complaints there.


You are a doge jumping across the platforms collecting dogepoints, presented as gold coins, and at the same time lodging projectiles of your enemies. There is only one type of enemy at the moment, but these warriors hit hard because one hit from their projectile will send you back to the start of the level. 

The platforms are challenging. You must be mindful of how much pressure you are putting on your keys since they will decide how far and how bigger you jump. Judge one jump wrong and you will collide with a wall, fall down the platform, or hit your enemy in the front, which will kill you. 

The Super Doge crypto gaming experience can be unforgiving for beginners. However, intermediate and veteran gamers will not find it hard to jump on the gray knights to kill them and then meticulously jump across platforms to collect the points on the way. The key here is to be precise. 

We found the gameplay to be smooth and the key response to be great. At no point did we feel we had died due to the game’s mistake.


The one factor they could improve on is the enemy variety. The game is styled as an endless runner, which makes dealing with the same enemies monotonous. And those who select the “pay to play” mode and use NFTs to transform collected points into money won’t complain. Non-crypto gamers who can try out the “free to play” mode would want something more. 

Another thing that we think could be improved upon is the lack of weapons on the doge. The game is surely going for Mario-like aesthetics, so Mario-like gameplay won’t be hard for it to do. However, we understand why it is not there, but it is still a missed opportunity that could have elevated the game. Just think about using bark as a weapon and pushing the enemies. 


There is only one synth-based soundtrack during the game, but it is energetic, and the beats are great. And the mood of the sound completely encompasses the fun factor that this game is going for. 

When it comes to sound effects, we are sure that we got the exact 2D sounds we got from playing Castlevania all those years ago. The “thud” of crushing enemies, the “ping” of jumping, and the “tin” of collecting dogepoints were all too familiar to us. We couldn’t help but get lost in nostalgia. 

Ideally, we would have liked for the game to have more options for the soundtrack. But then we remembered that Tamadoge is a blockchain-powered platform that is slowly making its transition in the Tamaverse. On that note, we appreciate the care devs have put into the sound for this game. 

Most parts of this platform are great overall. The simple graphics, the great gameplay, and the synth-based soundtrack make Super Doge one of the better games in the crypto space. Although minimalistic, the game focuses on upping the ante with its fun factor. The emphasis on fun can help bring other gamers, especially platformer enthusiasts. The game, in short, has all the traits of the best play-to-earn games.

A Look at Tamadoge Arcade

Tamadoge Arcade is now a live platform hosting a bunch of games featuring Tamadoge pets. Presented as Tama Island, which each game relegated to its own areas, Tamadoge Arcade gets points from us based on presentation alone. Devs have truly taken stock of the value of 2D aesthetics and have used vivid colors to make the island look good, and the lands differ from each other. 

Super Doge, Rocket Doge, To the Moon, Tama Run and Tama Blast are the five games hosted by the platform at the moment. Each of these games has gained a massive fan following and a huge number of players, which is evident from the number of players engaging with the Tamaverse, participating in competitions etc. 

That said, the presence of the island on the homepage gives us the feeling that the games introduced are more minigames than anything else, jointly telling a story that we will only be able to decipher once the game launches in its full glory. 

As the island expands, more arcade games may come – the details of which will be made available to you as soon as they arrive. 

How Tamadoge NFT Game is One of The Best in the Industry So Far

Blockchain gaming has continued to fail due to developers focusing less on the game and more on the earning mechanic. Tamadoge, with its game-focused approach, is trying to bring new change to the ecosystem. The first game of this nature was Super Doge, which combines the fun factor with smooth and easy-to-understand earning mechanics. These features are replicable – and if others follow the same route, 2023 could be a really great year for blockchain gaming. 

Helping in making the Tamadoge NFT game different from the rest are the following factors. 

Strong Leadership with Experience in Gaming

Tamadoge is a gaming platform, which means it has to ensure that players, both from inside the crypto space and outside it, see it as a gaming project. But that can only happen if there is someone leading who knows how to keep the gameplay narrative always at the center. 

Tamadoge has therefore appointed John Bishop as its CEO. Jon Bishop has been around the gaming space for many years, having experience working in eBay, PayPal, and OutRight games. 

To those in the unknown, Outright Games is the world’s largest developer of children’s games like Paw Patrol and more.

That multifaceted experience makes John Bishop an excellent person to help with a multifaceted project like Tamadoge. His years working in the fintech industry will prove fruitful when it comes to dealing with the earning mechanics, and his experience in Outright Games will make the games on the Tamadoge Parade shine. 

“Web 3 Gaming should be more valuable than free to play gaming,” says John Bishop, highlighting his belief that blockchain developers must create fun and valuable games to bring in more people to appreciate the game offerings of the blockchain space. 

We expect this approach will make Tamadoge outshine its competitors on several measures. It is also possible that as more games come on the Tamadoge arcade, the $TAMA adoption rate will increase. 

Tamadoge NFT Game follows an inclusive gaming model

Super Doge hasn’t pushed the narrative that one needs an NFT even to start playing the game. Anyone – from the crypto space or otherwise – can simply use the link to go to the platform to play the game. Trying out the game, without the need to use NFT or rewards is also allowed. 

However simple, this inclusive approach was never present in many old games involving the “gatekeepers of crypto” who wanted the crypto community to be inclusive and not inclusive. 

The presence of a free-to-play model doesn’t mean players get any gameplay disadvantages. The only thing they won’t be able to see is their score on the leaderboard. Everything else, from the doge character to the platformer, will be the same.

It is a good way to allow non-crypto gamers to try out the game before they go all in and play with real money. 

Tamadoge NFT Game Shows the Beginning of the Tamadoge Metaverse

Tamadoge metaverse aptly named the Tamavverse, is the end goal of this memecoin project. The focus here is to create an AR game that acts as the perfect stage within the virtual and the real world in which players can interact with the Tamadoge Pets they own. For that purpose, Tamadoge is working on dropping 3D versions of these NFTs.

While the date of when these 3D versions will come is unavailable at the moment, the current Tamadoge NFT game – Super Doge – has given players the first glimpse of their doges moving. That created hype will lead to more investors. And as more funds are funneled into the project, the Tamaverse will get bigger. 

Highly Customizable Pets that help Create a Sustainable Economy

The game is fun, and Tamadoge has created an ecosystem that will prompt players to keep funneling their TAMA tokens back into the project to watch it grow. This form of circular economy aside, Tamadoge will burn 5% of the TAMA tokens made from the sale every time a player buys something from the pet store. That will keep the token deflationary and the value of Tamadoge NFTs high. 

Beta Testers Are Bullish On the Tamadoge Game Roadmap

The latest games by Tamadoge Arcade have been met with great reviews. The first beta testers commented that although not perfect, Super Doge and other Tamadoge NFTs set a precedent that all memecoins should follow. 

One beta tester known as Chronicma has found Tamadoge to have “great potential”. To them, the soundtrack was chill, the graphics were lovely, and the game was pretty fun. 

He also added comments about Rocket Doge, Tamadoge’s second game that was launched a couple of weeks later – saying that they might get addicted to it. 

When the early reviews are great, it is likely that subsequent ones will be the same. Below is some video footage of the Super Doge crypto game from YouTube influencer Crypto Ahoy.

More People are Playing Super Doge – Hinting at An Increased Adoption Rate

Tamadoge found that there had been 2.2k unique playthroughs of the game, which was apart from the 1.3k plays by beta testers. This increased number of gameplays after the beta testing was to show that more people are paying attention to what the Tamadoge arcade has to offer. 

Gameplay over Graphics

Blockchain games have always tried to compete with traditional games, but the metrics have differed. Apart from some casual offerings, crypto game devs haven’t been able to crack down on what makes the game fun. Seeing graphics as everything, these devs tried to implement the limited hardware capabilities of the current Web 3 infrastructure to bull rush their games, and they have failed spectacularly. 

Tamadoge understands the limitations of Web 3 as a fact, and it is not blind to what could and couldn’t be done with this technology. Tamadoge NFT Game Super Doge, as simple as it is, has the right mix of graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay, which can sweep gamers in with nostalgia. Think of it as the first time gaming began. It was all 2D. But as time moved and technology evolved, games with high graphical fidelity came. But many gamers still go back to old-school games – or games that are like them. Dark Devotion is a 2D game that takes the style and gameplay of Dark Souls but shows it pixelated. The game is still good. 

Tamadoge is trying to take the same approach. It adds modern gameplay concepts to the 2D plane and makes the games fun-centric. Fun gameplay can even turn the most critical crypto skeptics into believers. 

Super Doge’s Effect on the Tama Price

The arrival of Super Doge came with good news for more than one reason. The game’s appearance caused a massive uptick in the TAMA price, by almost 33%. 

And while the price has retraced since then, bullish indicators still remain. At the time of writing, the project is trading in the $0.0167 range, after correcting once again from a recent pump that was triggered due to some exciting developments and updates. 

Shortly after the arrival of Super Doge, the second game in the Tamaverse, Rocket Doge, also dropped. That second Tamadoge game has the same aesthetics as Super Doge, but people have reported that it is much less forgiving, and the fun factor is cranked up to 11. 

Rocket Doge features a doge wearing a jetpack that you control as he moves across obstacles and collects points. Unlike Super Doge, the terrain is the enemy here. Get struck by the wall, and your doge will fall. But the game comes with many upgrades like health bars and health pickups that you can choose to make your game more rewarding. There are three more games too, that seem to have been receiving the same kind of positive response from a majority of Tamadoge’s community. 

Tamadoge NFT Game Roadmap – Super Doge is Just the Beginning

Tamadoge has now gotten into developing games and has taken them seriously. It has done away with the standard roadmap and accepted a dynamic one that people can keep up with using the link given in the tweet below.

<oembed url="[/embed]

There are several upgrades, developments and other such exciting things in store for Tamadoge. One of these is the SPONGE airdrop opportunity that developers have brought for TAMA investors by collaborating with one of the most trending crypto memecoins in the space at the moment- SpongeBob. However, many more such interesting updates are likely to hit the Tamaverse soon. Here is the list of features that can arrive at any moment. 

  • TAMA tokens are accepted as a mode of payment in BC.Game, which is one of the biggest crypto casinos worldwide. One can expect more such use cases for the TAMA token in the future. 
  • Tamadoge pet store. An in-game pet store where players can buy pets and customize them through various accessories. Till the storm arrives, the button indicating the pet store will lead you to the official Tamadoge page on Opensea. 
  • Tamadoge has recently been listed on one of the biggest exchanges in the world- Bybit. Investors can expect more such exchange listings in the upcoming weeks that could trigger another pump for the TAMA tokens. 
  • Right now the only thing people can see on the leaderboards are the addresses of players. A new leaderboard is coming up that will show the names of the players instead. 
  • Off-chain rewards are also being planned.
  • Players can now log in. Developers claim that they are looking to upgrade the experience of holding an account in the Tamadoge ecosystem. 
  • Those wanting to buy credits can do so using credit or debit cards. 
  • Facebook sign-up is also coming up. 

The lack of a linear roadmap and its replacement with a transparent dynamic one will keep the community members updated about Tamadoge updates. The current roadmap shows that the devs are working to create a breeding module for mini-doges, PVP challenges, and Tamaverse. 

How to Earn Crypto By Playing Super Doge?

To earn by playing Super Doge, you will need to buy an NFT to use as a player character. Then, you need to choose the “pay to play” button to start playing, which would cost you credits. You can buy Tamadoge from OKX,, Bybit and a dozen other popular exchanges. 

Here are the steps to buy Tamadoge NFTs:

  • Visit the official website.
  • In the top right corner of the homepage click on “Buy NFTs”.
  • Depending on if you want common, rare or ultra rare Tamadoge NFTs, scroll down and click on the Tamadoge NFT collection of your choice.
  • The buttons will direct you to the correct page on OpenSea, from which you can buy your NFTs for ETH. 

Avoid searching for Tamadoge NFTs on the opensea on your own. Multiple copycats have cropped up; these are listed by scammers selling NFTs with no value. 

Readers may also be interested in our full guide on how to earn free cryptocurrency.


The first Tamadoge NFT Game – Super Doge – shows a lot of promise for the project. It has an appealing combination of graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay was actually fun. The arrival of this project shows that the devs have integrity and they are following through with the entire project. 

As of writing this post, several more Tamadoge NFT games have now launched alongside the Super Doge crypto game – including Rocket Doge, Tama Blast, Tama Run and To The Moon. From what we have seen from the first games by Tamadoge, we expect it to capture a decent share of the play to earn crypto game market, also making Tamadoge one of the better new NFT projects

Use the link below to start playing. We recommend trying it out first to get the hang of the controls and then using NFTs and credits to play. Also, prevent going directly to Opensea to buy the Tamadoge NFTs; scammers have created their own versions of NFTs that you can’t use to play the games.  

FAQs on the Super Doge Crypto Game

What is Super Doge?

Super Doge is a Tamadoge NFT game from the Tamadoge arcade. It features a doge who runs around on a 2D plane dodging, running and collecting tokens. 

Can you play Super Doge for free?

Super Doge can be played for free. Just use our link to visit the game and click on the “Free to Play” button to start playing the game. 

How many games will Tamadoge Arcade have?

Tamadoge Arcade currently features five games. However, the team has mentioned plans to include several other titles in the future as a part of building the Tamaverse.