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Strong Brand, Active Community, High ROI: Why Do We Love Meme Coins

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Demonstrating incredible levels of yield, meme coins are the most astonishing phenomenon in the cryptocurrency world. Born as a joke, currently, meme coins occupy a multibillion part of the crypto market.

The nucleus of meme coins’ success is their recognizable brand backed by strong community support. Frankly speaking, this is all that meme coin used to have to succeed: no functionality, no useful services were needed.For example, launched in 2020 and fueled by a strong marketing campaign with Vitalik Buterin in May 2021, Shiba Inu rallied more than 48,000,000% last year, while its community reached 1.145 million holders in January 2022.

And this is a key difference between meme coins that keeps them aside from the rest of digital assets. While other cryptocurrencies made bets on the functionality of their blockchains, using brand awareness as an additional instrument of promotion, then meme coins practically did not offer anything except speculative instruments with the potential for fast growth. However, the witchery of meme coins risks being dispelled as investors are tired of numerous similar meme projects.

New generation of meme coins

Now, living in a highly competitive environment, meme coins have to revolutionize into something bigger than just a speculative instrument. And here comes SpartaCats, an all-in-one ecosystem with GameFi elements whose goal is to bring more utility value to the meme coin niche and put an end to the chaos that currently reigns in this space. 

Cat theme is elected to represent the meme coin platform for a certain reason. While dogs are the most popular theme for meme coins, cats are more viral in terms of a broader context, i.e. in art, popular culture, advertising, and social media. 

SpartaCats ecosystem was designed to gather a vast community of various meme coins and NFT users on one platform. Users holding different meme coins can unite in clans and teams on SpartaCats, thus promoting and empowering their communities and attracting new members. They can challenge each other to a duel. Others can place bets on matches between duel participants. This gamified method of attracting meme coin communities will bring order and economical hierarchy to the meme coin market, which currently remains in disorder. Moreover, SpartaCats sees its charity mission in helping real-life pet shelters around the world.

Cats around the globe, unite!

The SpartaCats ecosystem was created as a canonical decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), with the power of making decisions transferred to the hands of the community itself. The development of the ecosystem will be decided by holders of 300 SpartaCats NFTs, as 300 Spartans. 20 NFTs are already minted and will remain in the hands of the team. 

The remaining 270 NFTs are scheduled to be gradually minted within four years, one piece per week. They will be sold by auction. Once a week, all NFT managers in circulation will receive 1/270 of the dividend pool, thus being rewarded for their active participation in the ecosystem life. 

Standing in the core of SpartaCats PURR token fulfills the ecosystem with needed liquidity, serving both as a unit of account and an element of influence. The total supply of PURR launched on two networks EVER, and BSC is limited to 1 000 000 000 tokens. All the PURRs received from the DAO NFT auction will be burnt, thus decreasing the PURR supply.

Currently, SpartaCats users earn PURRs within an early bird marketing campaign by completing simple tasks or inviting friends.

The coin is listed on PancakeSwap and Flatqube, demonstrating an X8 price increase on the first day of trading. 

10% of PURR’s total supply reserves for airdrops (snapshot for holders of cats crypto projects coins, faucets, ailurophile communities). 10% of PURRs will be sent to liquidity pools, while the farming BSC and EVER will receive 20% each.

Feline future

Backed by cat fans communities and offering a plethora of useful services, SpartaCats seem to become a game-changer in the meme coin market. It will bridge the gaps between gaming NFTs, meme coins, valuable blockchain-based platforms, and the real world.