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Sportspace is Bringing Augmented Reality to Sports, and you can even Earn from it

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Playing sports with friends and family from the comfort of your home is no longer a distant dream. New-gen Web3 fitness platform Sportspace lets you burn calories in augmented reality while earning exciting rewards. 

What is Sportspace?

Sportspace is a first-of-its-kind fitness application powered by AR technology and AI algorithms. It uses a blockchain-powered reward system to motivate people to engage in sports activities. The platform’s creative sport-to-earn design turns daily exercise into fun and lucrative games. 

  • Don’t miss out on your daily exercise, whether you are at your home, office, or on a business trip. 
  • Bad weather? Exercise in augmented reality indoors.
  • Choose the competitive mode, sweat it out with your friends and family, and collect rewards. 

The project’s goal is to inspire people to embrace a healthier lifestyle using futuristic technologies. Anybody can access Sportspace using a mobile phone and a simple AR device, anytime and anywhere. 

How Does Sport-to-Earn Work?

STEPN was one of the earliest projects to combine exercise, GameFi, and SocialFi in a unique move-to-earn mechanism. Sportspace takes the concept a notch up. It offers a broad range of AR sports activities and comes with advanced virtual NFT trackers that accrue rewards to your account based on your performance and calories burnt.

The SocialFi aspect of the game boosts engagement and, in turn, the user base by introducing competitive gameplay like online PK and leaderboards. It goes a long way in motivating users to bring their friends and family on board as well. The open sports economy gives an array of opportunities to sport and earn. Sportspace is powered by two tokens — SSC and SST. 

SSC, the game token, is used for the following:

  • Distributing sports income
  • Endurance recovery
  • Leveling up equipment 

SST, on the other hand, is the Sportspace Token. The key utilities of SST are as listed below:

  • Distributing staking rewards 
  • Distributing dividends for advanced NFTs
  • DAO rewards 
  • NFT minting 

The New Way of Sporting 

While AR sporting is not a new concept, Sportspace is the first to bring it alive in Web3. It is set apart by its goal to penetrate a wide user base, unlike most AR platforms dedicated to the rich. It also covers a wide range of sports activities and gameplay from casual fitness to quick reaction, physical exercise, intense battles, and family parties. 

Moreover, Sportspace features advanced functionalities that are targeted at diverse demographics: 

  • Sportspace combines AR real sports with social networking.
  • It builds a sustainable and open sport-to-earn economy. 
  • Regular PKs and leaderboards hosted on the platform fuel engagement. 
  • SocialFi features like social media sharing, recording, and referrals help drive more traffic to the platform. 
  • Users can create new personal fitness clubs based on their interests, called “S+ Clubs”.
  • Sportspace has a low entry barrier. You can access it using a mobile phone and a simple AR device. 
  • Sportspace also has a low initial investment barrier, as it comes in both free and premium versions.

Led by an Ambitious Roadmap 

The utility-rich roadmap of Sportspace gives it a competitive edge in the crowded crypto space. The key milestones scheduled for the first quarter of 2023 are the launch of the beta version of the application, the P2E system, private sale, IDO, and initial NFT drops. The official game will go live by the second half of the year. 

Developer Labs Fund and the native NFT marketplace are also scheduled for launch in the second to the third quarter of 2023. Developer Lab Funds, as the name implies, is an initiative dedicated to supporting developers. It will provide new SDK to developers and incentivize them to create more and improved AR fitness games. 

By late 2023 or early 2024, the live fitness streams, fitness course content, and SocialFi guild will be live. 

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