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SpacePay Brings Crypto To Traditional Commerce Using Revolutionary Payment Software – Next Big Altcoin of 2024?

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.


Cryptocurrencies have opened a radical new chapter in finance. Built on blockchain technology, they have a decentralised, transparent spirit.

But cryptocurrencies are hardly currencies today. The mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies remains a distant dream.

SpacePay ($SPY) changes this. This new cryptocurrency payment software solution is designed to revolutionise how people transact in the digital age. Let’s find out how.

What is SpacePay?

SpacePay is a fintech startup based in London. The project’s goal is to transform the payment landscape by bridging traditional paymentl infrastructure with decentralised blockchain technology.

It empowers payment companies and merchants to allow safe and secure crypto transactions on their card machine systems.

Maxwell Bunting is the founder of SpacePay. He has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since his early teens. As a crypto user, he often faced challenges while spending his cryptocurrency for real-world uses. The industry’s lack of transparency and security systems further frustrated him.

That was how SpacePay was born.

SpacePay Mobile Payment Solutions

SpacePay is envisioned as a decentralised, community-driven equivalent of Visa and Mastercard. It offers user-friendly software that seamlessly integrates with existing card machines, driving the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The SpacePay software allows consumers to use cryptocurrencies from over 325+ wallets for their day-to-day purchases. Merchants, on the other hand, get payouts in traditional currencies using SpacePay. It allows them to penetrate a new customer base.

While there are other crypto payment solutions in the market, merchants benefit from faster settlements and reduced fees by opting for SpacePay.

SpacePay Features

As a decentralised, terminal-agnostic payment protocol embedded within card machines, SpacePay is highly user-friendly. It supports crypto transactions in retail environments while mitigating volatility risks for merchants.

The project acknowledges the importance of catering to a diverse range of users for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. SpacePay’s user base includes individuals, ecommerce platforms, and retail stores.

SpacePay was honoured with the “New Payment Platform of the Year” award at the CorporateLiveWire Global Awards 2022/23.

How Does it Work?

Rather than just enabling crypto payments, SpacePay offers a comprehensive suite of features that make crypto transactions secure, seamless, and accessible.

To begin with, the platform supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Transactions are settled immediately. There is zero waiting time, unlike traditional payment systems that could involve delays and processing times.

SpacePay Fee Structure

Since cryptocurrencies are known for their erratic price actions, SpacePay offers a volatility protection mechanism. Regardless of the price fluctuations at the time of the transaction, merchants get the agreed-upon fiat amount.

As mentioned above, SpacePay supports 325+ wallets. This includes MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger Nano S, and many more. Users just need to scan a QR code to initiate transactions. There is no need to transfer funds between different platforms.

SpacePay comes at extremely low costs to merchants. Users and payment companies can use the platform completely fee-free.

SpacePay Compatibility

Credible and Community-centric

SpacePay and its native crypto token, $SPY, operate in a true community-centric fashion.

Investors earn a share of the revenue, get full access to team calls, can employ voting rights on company direction, and have early access to private features and betas, charitable donations, and loyalty airdrops.

SpacePay has focused on establishing its credibility right from the beginning, in stark contrast to most projects that prefer anonymity. Information about the SpacePay team and their roles is published in the white paper.

Founder Maxwell Bunting is active on the SpacePay Telegram, personally addressing questions and concerns.

$SPY – A Gateway to the Future of Finance

$SPY is the utility token of the SpacePay ecosystem.

The token allows investors to earn a portion of the platform’s revenue as a form of passive income. The mechanism links them directly to the platform’s growth and performance. For the project, it mitigates sell-offs and ensures a sustainable price action.

SpacePay Loyalty Rewards

The revenue-sharing model creates a win-win situation for both SpacePay and its community. Apart from revenue-sharing, SpacePay unlocks a wide range of utilities like voting rights and donations. It also unlocks access to loyalty airdrops, new features, products, services, and quarterly connect webinars directly with the SpacePay team.

$SPY Presale is Now Live

SpacePay is currently in the private beta phase.

The project is about to announce major partnership’s with the world’s largest card machine companies. In 2024, SpacePay is estimated to launch on over 4.5 million devices across nine countries.

SpacePay’s commitment to regulatory compliance and unmatched cost efficiency further underscores its market relevance. It is at the forefront of the next generation of payment systems.

Spy token

Widely predicted to become the VISA and Mastercard in the crypto market, SpacePay has already caught the attention of private investors. It has raised around $750,000 from private investors, and SpacePay is fully compliant with regulatory standards across different countries.

Through the ongoing presale, $SPY tokens are now available for public investors at discounted prices. Once the token launches on popular crypto exchanges, the market will determine its price.

As one of the most promising crypto utility projects to enter the market in a long time, $SPY has high growth potential.


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.