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SOLV Launches “Seahorse” Initiative Allowing Projects to Manage Allocations

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Seahorse Initiative

June 28th, 2021 — Singapore

Solv Protocol, a pioneer in the space of financial NFTs, is opening a new initiative designed to entice projects to issue and manage their allocations in the form of Solv “Vouchers” on its platform for secondary markets. To begin with, users can buy or sell them directly on solv.finance or on OpenSea. In addition, the vouchers can be used as collateral to borrow against on NFTfi.

Projects can use these vouchers as a form of fundraising. By issuing allocations in the form of vouchers, projects are able to retain full control over the release schedule and mode, which helps stabilize the token price from secondary market crashes since the tokens will be locked up as allocations in the form of vouchers. This way, the value of the tokens will be represented as an NFT in the voucher, which can be also used as a form of collateral to borrow against with neither action affecting the total market supply.

Ryan Chow, Co-Founder of Solv Protocol states: “We believe this will unlock an infinite amount of possibilities for projects, such as being able to raise public fundraising before the token launch. Early team members and investors can also use it to get liquidity in a pinch if needed.”

When joining the Seahorse initiative, projects get access to the thousands of market participants already lined up on the Solv Platform, waiting to buy allocations in the form of vouchers. This will free up a significant amount of capital projects that can then re-invest in marketing, development or growth!

Esteemed projects including DODO, Parsiq, Bounce, NAOS Finance, Prometeus, Bella, Ankr, Saffron Finance, Impossible Finance, Taker Protocol and XCarnival have been the first to join the “Seahorse Initiative”!

For any project who is interested in joining the Seahorse Program and issue allocations in the form of vouchers, please go to solv.finance and sign up on the whitelist! For more information, please contact [email protected].

About Solv Protocol
Solv is a pioneer in the world of Financial NFTs and DeFi. It does this by having designed and created a new ERC token standard known as a versatile non-fungible token (vNFT) that is both flexible enough like the ERC-20, but also non-fungible like the ERC-721, making it a semi-fungible asset. The first vNFT token product was created in the form of a Solv Voucher, designed to be used in the form of allocations to grant broader access to private sales while generating much needed liquidity for projects or investors.