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Sirin Labs Introduces Finney Smartphone, SRN Skyrockets

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Sirin Labs, the company working on what they claimed was the world’s first blockchain phone, has just unveiled that very same phone named Finney. Featuring a cold storage wallet, a special operating system and an additional secret screen called the Safe Screen, the phone is claimed to “bridge the gap between mass adoptions of blockchain technology.”

The phone runs Sirin OS, a special operating system developed by the company that is based on the Android operating system and is tweaked to be “ultra-secure.” The Cybersecurity Suite within the phone features a behavioral based Intrusion Prevention System, a physical security switch and three-factor authentication: biometric, lock pattern, and behavioral. How this will function in reality is currently anybody’s guess, but it certainly sounds promising.

Other, less specific features of the phone include:

  • A 12 MPX main camera
  • An 8 MPX wide-angle selfie camera
  • A 6-inch screen (18:9)
  • 128 GB of internal storage
  • 6 GB RAM

The smartphone is named after Hal Finney, the second ever user of Bitcoin (after Satoshi Nakamoto).

According to the roadmap on the Sirin Labs website, the phone is set to launch this month. However, the announcement gives no indication when this might be. The phone will cost USD 999 and be available in brick-and-mortar stores, the first of which is under construction in London. Other locations include Turkey, Israel, Germany, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, and the US. There is currently no information on the availability of stores in South America, Africa and Australia – however, there seem to be no geographical restrictions on ordering the phone online.

Preorders also get a discount of 10%, and the phone is sold for SRN tokens. The price of SRN currently stands at around USD 0.18 – an increase of 38.69% in the past 24 hours. The token is ERC20, meaning that purchasing and storing it is easily done with Ethereum and in Ethereum wallets.

SRN price chart:

However, it remains unclear whether the phone will really be the first blockchain phone, given that HTC released Exodus 1, the early access version of their blockchain phone, which is expected to be shipped by December. Also, in October, Pundi X, a developer of crypto payments solutions, has demonstrated a blockchain-powered smartphone called the XPhone. Now, the race to be the first blockchain phone on the market begins.