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Scorpion Casino ($SCORP): The Next Big Thing After Rollbit – Can it Outshine the Market Leader?

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

After raising an impressive $10 million in its glorious presale, traders are starting to describe Scorpion Casino as the next big thing after Rollbit, with many suspecting it has the potential to outshine the market leader.

Scorpion Casino is a newly emerging Web3 crypto-based casino project that aims to share a slice of its revenues generated with all $SCORP holders, offering them a route to earning a passive income.

In addition, Scorpion Casino also incorporates deflation into its ecosystem, paving the way for long-term value appreciation.

With over $10 million raised, let’s examine why investors believe $SCORP can outperform $RLB.

Scorpion Casino Raises Impressive $10 Million In Sold Out Presale.

Scorpion casino graphic

Scorpion Casino has already raised an astonishing $10 million in its presale, demonstrating the building hype behind the newly emerging CasinoFi project.

The crypto-based casino wants to create a social gambling platform on which all of its players can earn a passive income through the revenues generated on the platform.

As a result, those holding $SCORP tokens are instantly converted into casino owners, sharing a daily payout from wagers received in USDT tokens.

With the presale crossing the $10 million milestone, the opportunity to get positioned as an early adopter has come to an end.

Taking on Heavyweights: Can Scorpion Casino Compete With Rollbit?

Scorpion Casino intends to take on the heavyweights with its crypto-based casino, with a particular focus on becoming the next Rollbit.

Rollbit was a crypto-based casino platform that saw extraordinary success in November 2023, reaching an astonishing $800 million market cap value.

Unfortunately, investors have started to leave the project as the casino could not sustain a solid user base, resulting in fewer payouts for holders – with some investors quickly crossing over to $SCORP.

Investors believe Scorpion Casino can easily compete with Rollbit due to its highly polished design.

In addition, Scorpion Casino integrates deflation into its revenue-sharing model, meaning that the token becomes more scarce over time, helping its value see consistent appreciation.


The team will use a portion of the platform’s daily revenues to buy back $SCORP tokens from the open market.

Half of the $SCORP purchased will be sent to $SCORP holders to provide them with a passive income.

The other half is then removed from circulation through burning, reducing the overall $SCORP supply.

The rising demand and falling supply combination have investors believing that long-term 100x returns are possible for early adopters.

Fully Regulated With Heavyweight Backers


In addition to the intuitive revenue-sharing model, investors believe Scorpion Casino can outshine Rollbit due to its heavyweight backers.

Scorpion Casino has secured a high-profile partnership with Tenset, a crypto incubator that has helped previous presale projects surge from 50x to 100x following their launch.

For example, Tenset helped mastermind Meta Hero ($HERO), which immediately surged following its presale to enter the top 250-ranked projects.

Investors believe Tenset can help $SCORP achieve similar returns.

In addition, Scorpion Casino is a fully regulated entity with credentials from the Curacao eGaming licensing entity.

This makes the casino platform provably fair for gamers.

Presale Now Over, Listings Incoming

With the presale for $SCORP now over, holders are anticipating its launch in the coming days. The team has a released a series of its listings on tier-1 exchanges, including BitMart, LBank, and XT.

Overall, Scorpion Casino has set itself up to become the next big thing following the success of Rollbit, with the potential to outshine the market leader. The presale provides you the perfect opportunity to get positioned early, allowing you to benefit from its meteoric rise.


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.