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The Sandbox and Decentraland Investors are Watching This New Metaverse Project – Here’s Why

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Sandbox and Decentraland are two of the biggest metaverse ecosystem players. However, a new metaverse gaming project, RobotEra, has piqued the interest of investors who believe it could be the next big thing.

What Is RobtEra?

RobotEra is a new Sandbox-like gaming platform backed by LBank Labs. The game, which is currently in development, offers different ways to profit using several exciting technological concepts like the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

RobotEra uses a gameplay structure. Instead of battling or competing with other players, the game brings everyone together to achieve a common goal – rebuilding a destroyed planet. 

The story behind the game is just as compelling as its gameplay. Here, players are transported to Taro – a planet that just witnessed a brutal war between its natives and an army of robots. The planet was eventually destroyed, but not before a scientist triggered a “new life” that wiped out all inhabitants and left the robots with new human emotions.

Now, players, the robots, are tasked with rebuilding the planet and creating a life for themselves on it. In RobotEra, players can customize their robots, each with its unique attributes, characteristics, and objectives.

Players can buy land and other properties in the game. Because all these in-game assets are non fungible tokens (NFTs), players own them and can use them however they see fit. Even better, they have total control over the monetization of these assets, and they can sell or keep them at any time.

RobotEra gives gamers access to several custom-building tools. They can connect with other players, add to dynamic 3D settings, and personalize the structures they build with their artwork, soundtracks, and other features. All of this is achievable without any coding skills.

Different Ways to Make Gains 

RobotEra is gaining popularity because of the several earning channels open to users. As expected, the main way to earn profit here will be to continue participating in activities.

But that’s not all. Players can use their assets to generate income in diverse ways. For instance, a player can sell a plot of land to earn or create parks and charge people to stay there. They can put up a billboard on their property, charge concert ticket prices, cultivate sacred trees, and much more.

There are also side missions and quests within the game that keep players engaged and entertained. Participating in these quests is another surefire way to earn.

With such a diverse number of earning opportunities, RobotEra is ideal for all players. The fact that players also don’t need to spend or do so much to earn makes the game even more appealing.  

TARO’s Potential For Gains

As part of its initial rollout, RobotEra’s native token, TARO, is now available on presale for interested investors. The digital asset powers the RobotEra ecosystem, with players able to trade their NFTs for it and exchange it for real money. Holders can also use TARO to engage in several community initiatives and competitions organized by RobotEra’s developers. 

TARO is currently available for presale to investors, and the asset has raised an impressive $546,000 in a few weeks. The token can be purchased at the low price of $0.020 while the presale is still in its first stage.

TARO’s price will surge as more stages of the presale are passed, so there is a lot of potential for upside here. 

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