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$RUBY Payment Method Goes Live on Strawberry Sweeps

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The $RUBY has officially gone live as a payment method on social crypto casino - Strawberry Sweeps. With the integration, the token can now be used in Web2.0 and Web3.0 environments to power gameplay, and purchase in-game currencies.

Paying in $RUBY on Strawberry Sweeps can allow users to access improved exchange rates, and become immersed in a more native crypto/Web3 user experience. As $RUBY is a BEP20 token, the Binance Wallet can also be used in order to connect to Strawberry Sweeps.

$RUBY can now be used as payment method for Web2.0 and Web3.0 Games

$RUBY Gaming Payments: How Does it Work?

Currently existing technology on online gaming platforms and crypto gaming websites sees exorbitant gas fees, and high card merchant fees in order to access fiat-to-crypto onramps. 

With the $RUBY, a vast majority of gas charged when paying in ETH or USDT is nullified, as the token itself is on the Binance Chain. Payments from wallet to gaming environment are also sped up versus the Ethereum Mainnet.

In terms of rewards, Strawberry Sweeps uses a Sweepstakes-style model, allowing users to redeem sweepstakes entries in exchange for BTC, ETH, USDT, or Bitcoin Lightning. Although Strawberry is somewhat aligned to Web3.0 and cryptocurrency users, the $RUBY payment systems that exist on Strawberry are also soon to be available to Web2.0 gaming environments - or even existing crypto casinos looking to reduce fees for their customers.

Further $RUBY Integrations In The Pipeline?

Despite the market downturn, the Ruby Play Network continues to build product offerings, and are actively working on partner integrations. The Strawberry Sweeps payment news is the first of a series of forthcoming announcements with further gaming partners, also looking to integrate $RUBY for payments and rewards. In the wider market, $BNB still continues to provide users a payment method for fees, and an exchange of value - somewhat negating the impact of the market-wide pullback on $BNB. 

The Strawberry Sweeps platform is to see a Web3.0-style refresh, with Wallet Connect integration, and more crypto-centric branding to be made consistent throughout. With more gaming partners, the reach of the $RUBY grows to each gaming community that accepts the token.

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