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RSTAKING Platform Wins Trust Finance and Singapore Crypto Community Awards

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Banks increasingly tend to regulate the conditions related to their clients: the interest rate on deposits is minimal, account blocking is quite common, endless issues associated with bureaucratic document flow, and the creation of new restrictions or limits for withdrawing cash to customers.

Is it just a dream to enjoy a lack of verification and withdrawal limitations in order to have complete freedom for users? This is RSTAKING.

Today we are going to compare a typical Bank and RSTAKING.

RSTAKING is a decentralized staking platform, which creates its own liquidity pools. The overall liquidity pool of RSTAKING is more than $1 billion.

There is a fixed 25% per year on more than 200 tokens and crypto coins in 9 networks. Rewards get paid every 3 hours in USDT or BUSD tokens.

Possibility to block an account:
* Bank – yes.
* RSTAKING – no.

User verification:
* Bank – yes.
* RSTAKING – no.

Checking user’s funds:
* Bank – yes.
* RSTAKING – no.

Withdrawal limit:
* Bank – yes.
* RSTAKING – no.

Since 2019, RSTAKING is considered to be one of the most secured blockchain companies in the world. The company created a standalone and secure project.

Every day, new laws get passed in order to regulate the activities of blockchain companies, disturbing the peace of mind of citizens who own crypto assets. RSTAKING is a decentralized company that will keep the funds and data of its users, regardless of any kind of blocking or political factors that aim to take all the citizens and their assets under total control.

24 words to recover the access to an account, 50 ultra-secure domains with the recovery function (-1+3), no KYC, stable servers all around the world, and security of user’s crypto assets.

The era of typical Banks is slowly fading away to the past, the majority of people are well aware of the unstable situation in the financial market. Obviously, banks are considered unsafe for keeping funds there.

Speaking about stability, then it is definitely USDT or BUSD, which are the analogues of the US digital dollar. RSTAKING offers 25% per year with the possibility of self-closing and rewardings every 3 hours.

Everyone can register with RSTAKING, receive 10 RHIN tokens free of charge, and open his or her first stake.

RSTAKING is the platform where everyone will find a suitable token or cryptocoin for themselves.

Staking, NFT, RMOBILE – a mobile operator, and it is far from being a complete list of all projects of RSTAKING.

Register and start mastering RSTAKING right now.

RSTAKING – https://rstaking.com/?c83=22455

WhitePaper – https://rstaking.gitbook.io/rstaking-whitepaper

More information about the way RSTAKING functions and the process of creating liquidity pools you will find at https://rstaking.gitbook.io/rstaking-whitepaper/rstaking