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RobotEra – The New Metaverse Project Where You Can Build Your Own World and Earn Tokens – Time to Buy?

The introduction of the metaverse has created a pathway to limitless imagination. Indeed, the play-to-earn (P2E) system, which allows players to earn rewards while playing games, has increased the popularity of metaverse games in the Web3 sector. 

As a result, more developers are creating projects centered on the metaverse. 

One such project is RobotEra, which is similar to The Sandbox, and its native token, $TARO, powers the RobotEra ecosystem. 

Investors looking for the best P2E crypto to buy today will be impressed by the project's presale, which has raised over $973,000 in just a few months.

An Immersive Word With Limitless Capabilities

RobotEra aims to give users access to a robust multi-dimensional metaverse platform that combines entertainment, creation, management, exploration, and interaction. As a result, RobotEra is more than just a vibrant game; it is also a second world that can profit from cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Players of RobotEra live on the planet Taro, which recently experienced a tragedy in which indigenous people and ancient robots were killed in a conflict between the two sides. Following the disaster, only 10,000 different-shaped robots allegedly hidden in the planet's core awoke with humanized ideas and feelings.

These humanoid robots rose to power and took control of this world. They will utilize their knowledge to rebuild the planet's former wealth and build a brighter civilization and future as they face the devastated globe in the wake of the battle.

In this world, players will transform into robots, secure resources from the planet, manage their territory, find robot companions, and help rebuild the universe. Here, they have the flexibility to design anything according to their imagination and help bring in a new era together with other robots.

Create and Earn 

RobotEra gives players the freedom to become creators according to their wishes. Players can perform any task on their continent on Taro, including, but not limited to, mining, building, gathering and producing energy, playing, and so on. 

The players are entirely the owners of this world, and they can let their imaginations run wild and design whatever they have in mind. This could be a lovely sky garden or a lavish, opulent underground palace. The benefit of this is that their NFTs will also exhibit this distinctive artistic style.

The "New Taro" will showcase both the environment users create and the visions of other gamers from around the globe. Everyone has the ability to communicate with and learn from one another. This will be a brand-new world and a brand-new future for them.

Taro is run by a community organization collectively established by all users. There is no centralized system or leadership, and each player has the ability to suggest or choose the strategies that will be used by their faction, as well as how the tokens will be used in their treasury.

Participants interested in assuming administrative positions and participating in governance must pledge their tokens, as voting is only open to those who successfully deposited tokens. Whoever receives the most votes will be named the manager of their respective faction, and they will have the authority to set the course of their forces' future development.

Buy $TARO and Enter a New World

TARO, an Ethereum blockchain-based ERC-20 utility coin, runs the RobotEra ecosystem and serves as the basis for transactions and interactions. With more than $973,000 raised during the presale, the token is a top P2E cryptocurrency to invest in. This is astounding, given that the RobotEra is still in its infancy in the metaverse.

TARO is currently in its first presale stage at $0.020. Once stage one elapses, the token value will increase to $0.025 for the second presale stage. At press time, the metaverse project has sold over 48,676,901 of the 90,000,000 tokens allotted for the first stage. 

Investors interested in acquiring the token can do so using USDT or ETH. However, they'll need to install a Metamask wallet on their PCs or a Trust Wallet on their mobile devices. 

After the presale, investors will be able to claim their $TARO tokens on the claim page.

Buy TARO on Presale Now

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