04 Jan 2022 · 2 min read

Revuto's REVU Token Poised For Debut On Tier-1 Exchanges Gate.io and KuCoin

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Image source: Revuto

KuCoin and Gate.io will become the first mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges to list a native Cardano asset this week with the launch of Revuto's REVU token on their respective platforms. 

It's a big deal because the availability of Cardano assets on Tier-1 exchanges is fairly limited at present, despite the blockchain's huge potential and enormous fan base. And REVU is a token with real utility too, serving as the lynchpin of Revuto's subscription management ecosystem that aims to save money for people with multiple subscriptions and also provide profitable staking and liquidity provider opportunities. 

Revuto app gives users control over their recurring subscription payments, so they don't have to worry about money being deducted from their bank balance at inopportune moments such as a few days before pay day. 

The secret of Revuto lies in smart contracts. Rather than pay for subscriptions in cash, users get to pay in crypto, and those payments will only be sent when the user authorizes them. When someone's monthly Netflix billing cycle rolls around, the app will send a notification the moment it's due. Then, the user can decide whether or not to approve the payment, block it, or simply snooze it until they have enough funds to actually pay it. 

As for REVU, it has multiple uses. People can use it to pay their monthly subscriptions and receive discounts. They can also stake their REVU from within the app, providing funds to other users who don't have the cash to pay their subscriptions immediately and earn rewards for doing so. 

It might be a simple idea but it has struck a chord with users, at least if Revuto's claims of "record growth" over the last four months are to be believed. 

So REVU's listings on KuCoin and Gate.io are a big moment. Any coin with real-world utility has big potential for gains, all the more so when there's an established user base in the mix. Users will be able to begin trading REVU from January 7.

“We are proud to make history again with REVU, after being the first ICO, publishing the first Cardano lite wallet and breaking records with our growth - we are now the first to list on tier 1 CEXs, KuCoin and Gate.io," said Revuto co-founder and Chief Executive Vedran Vukman.