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ReverseDAO – Connect the Brick-and-mortar Loyalty Rewards with the Metaverse

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The loyalty programs market capitalization in 2020 was at USD 1.6 trillion, with only a 7% redemption rate – up to billions of dollars in reward points and virtual points expire and go to waste every passing year. Assets are scattered across many different platforms, with varying expiration dates and values, combined with unfair rules against customer usage, making it inherently difficult for consumers to manage their earned assets. 

ReverseDAO is a solution to all of the problems above; it is a platform that connects the Metaverse with real-world assets. Fiat and economic units that are bound with world assets can now be represented, stored, and transferred onto the blockchain just as easily as cryptocurrencies. ReverseDAO is set to become a bridge between the Metaverse and real life.

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