Revenue Coin, a Token Designed for Investors

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

In recent years, the crypto sector has created a slew of increasingly valuable ventures raking in large profits in a short time. This provides the opportunity for investors to support young, high-potential projects that are just getting started to build passive wealth for themselves.

Revenue Coin provides a platform to democratize this opportunity to crypto and startup investors from anywhere in the world. They have built a unique ecosystem within the crypto space that fosters a robust community of investors and founders to fund and assist selected high-potential startups in the fintech, blockchain, Web 3, and other innovative spaces.

Revenue Coin supports the growth of these companies and projects without taking any equity or ownership stake. But, how do they do it? Let’s find it out.

Introducing Revenue Coin

Revenue Coin, backed by Revenue Capital, has a unique approach to provide capital, support, and a community to portfolio companies. This allows startup founders to preserve ownership of their companies while obtaining the financing they need for expansion and significantly improving their post-money valuation.

The Revenue Coin platform allows individual and institutionalized investors to participate in projects that were previously only available to banks, wealth management funds and business sharks. Thus, building wealth, freedom, and autonomy for all classes of people around the world.

Revenue Coin is the first enterprise using revenue tokens to transform the way venture capital funds, cryptocurrencies and startups interact. The issue they aim to fix is to eliminate the difficulties that come with scaling a good project and finding the best startup investments.

While the beginnings of a great product and design might result from a creative concept and small team, scaling marketing, sales, and advertising activities often demands significant investment, support, and other talents.

How does the system work?

Revenue Capital connects network investors with high-technology startups, giving entrepreneurs access to financial assistance through a community of millions of holders.Its Revenue token (RVC) is an ERC-20 and BEP20 coin. 

In order to take part of this initiative investors can participate in the ongoing presale and acquire the most appropriate package for their needs. The Revenue platform takes care of the rest; after which, investors can vote on the projects to be supported by Revenue Coin.

Once funds are raised, Revenue Capital will begin assisting high tech startups with great growth potential. These companies must all be complementary to one another to have a substantial synergistic effect within the Revenue ecosystem.

Every month, up to 10% of all portfolio companies’ revenue will be invested in the RVC buyback and burning process. In addition, 50% of these funds will go to support new projects as well as the existing portfolio companies.

The benefits of RVC

Aside from funding and supporting high-potential startups, RVC investors and token holders also profit from buying and holding the tokens in a variety of ways:

  • Immediate liquidity: RVC gives the ability to trade on both centralized and decentralized exchanges without having to wait for years for invested startups to become more profitable.
  • Exchangeability: RVC will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchange platforms allowing holders to exchange for other coins and crypto assets easily.
  • Exclusive products: RVC holders will gain access to special offers on new products, uncommon configurations, or price reductions on existing products distributed within the Revenue ecosystem.
  • Voting Rights: RVC investors have voting rights to make decisions on which projects will receive funds and support.
  • Payment function: RVC will act as an internal payment method within the Revenue Capital ecosystem where investors can pay for products and services within the ecosystem using RVC.

In addition to all of this, RVC has a strong price simulation, buyback mechanism, deflationary token, and recurring process that ensures the tokens continue to increase in value over time.


With Revenue Coin, startup and crypto investors have the opportunity to support the top technology companies of tomorrow. Think about the Facebook, Google, and Amazon of tomorrow.

You can participate in the private sales round created for early adopters and investors and join the community at a low price, even though it may come with the risk of participating at an early stage of development in this project.

Private sale investors acquire RVC at a cheap price and gain all the benefits as founding members of the ecosystem. Revenue Coin is now holding a Private Sale with over USD 1.1m raised already.

The softcap is set at USD 2.5 million with the current price at USD 0.01. You can purchase RVC tokens through the website at a minimum purchase price of USD 1,000. Public sale of the token will begin 1 November 2021 at USD 0.012.