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Remember GMT Launch on Pancakeswap? This is Becoming Bigger

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Remember GMT? It absolutely exploded at the start of this year. 

In fact, it did more than explode. In the months following an IEO on the Binance Launchpad, GMT went on to surge by well over 400x as it went from USD 0.01 to reach as high as USD 4. 

GMT was the coin behind the popular lifestyle move-to-earn project called STEPN. The project paid users when they walked, jogged, or ran in real life. Players had to buy an NFT to participate and then could fulfill their STEPN time each day according to the energy inside the NFT.

With GMT exploding, investors have long been searching for the next project that will become bigger. 

Well, we think we have found that project.

Today, we would like to introduce you to another project that is becoming bigger than GMT after a successful IDO. The project is called Battle Infinity, and it just launched an IDO on Pancakeswap.

What is Battle Infinity?

Battle Infinity is the world’s first decentralized NFT-based P2E fantasy sports league integrated with the metaverse. The project allows players to build strategic sports teams filled with their favorite stars, battle against each other, and earn.

The flagship product from Battle Infinity is the IBAT Premier League, the project’s fantasy sports league platform. Players must first purchase an NFT pass with IBAT to enter the league. After that, the NFT provides the budget required to choose their favorite sports stars.

Once a team has formed, players can go head-to-head with other players, and the fantasy sports team with the highest overall number of points comes out as the victor. 

To score the players, Battle Infinity has created an in-depth points system in the following sports;

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Kabaddi

Points are awarded to players for achieving specific performance markers in the game, such as scoring a goal or winning a game. The data from the matches are fed into the ecosystem through an API. 

Alongside the fantasy sports league, Battle Infinity also has the following products to create its ecosystem;

  • IBAT Battle Swap – A DEX that acts as a bank for the platform.
  • IBAT Battle Market – A marketplace to buy and sell Battle Infinity NFTs.
  • IBAT Battle Games – A multiplayer game store where users can play NFT-based P2E games.
  • IBAT Battle Arena – A metaverse where players can explore, socialize, and attend events.
  • IBAT Battle Staking – A platform to stake IBAT and earn a high APY.

Why is it becoming bigger than GMT?

Battle Infinity is set to become bigger than GMT due to the concept of the project, the demand behind fantasy sports leagues, and the marketing and celebrity push the project has behind it.

Hot Presale Demand

The demand for IBAT is apparent after seeing the presale for IBAT sell out 66 days ahead of schedule. The presale raised 16,500 BNB, worth around USD 5 million, in just 25 days. With such hot demand in the presale, it makes sense to think this demand would carry on after the IDO. 

IBAT launched on Pancakeswap on August 17th and is currently trending in the same direction as GMT. It took GMT around 20 days before it saw its first surge higher. It took a total of 50-days to hit its all-time high price. 

Huge Fanbase to Target

The sheer fanbase behind the fantasy sports league concept adds further to the reasons why IBAT is becoming bigger than GMT. According to Modar Intelligence, the entire fantasy sports league industry was valued at around USD 21.4 billion in 2021, and they estimate that it can reach as much as USD 48 billion by 2027.

Fantasy sports are huge for American Football and regular Football (soccer) audiences. However, another extremely huge market that Battle Infinity is targeting is Cricket. In India, almost 50% of the 1.3 billion citizens watch Cricket annually. The Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS) estimated that nearly 100 million play fantasy cricket leagues each year, and they estimate it will reach as much as 400 million in the next decade. 

With such huge figures, Battle Infinity has a wide fanbase to target. They already have the systems created for American Football, Soccer, and Cricket and can target audiences of these sports as soon as the platform is launched. 

Celebs and an Aggressive Marketing Group Heavily Promote it.

Another reason why IBAT is set to become bigger than GMT is because some high-profile celebrities are heavily promoting it. The token celebrated its launch with an exclusive launch party attended by some high-profile celebrities in India.

One celeb promoting the project is Urvashi Rautela, a successful Bollywood actress and model. The star began her career winning Miss India Princess in 2011, and she was even the first Indian citizen to win a Miss Tourism Model pageant in China. After modeling, she went on to launch a successful acting career.

Another celebrity promoting the project is Irfan Pathan, a former Indian cricket star.

However, celebrities aren’t the only entities pushing IBAT to a broader audience. The team has enlisted the help of an aggressive marketing group that has previously worked on highly successful projects. One of the projects they marketed was Lucky Block, which went on to surge by 90x following the IDO of its token.

IBAT can easily replicate the success of GMT with such a strong marketing push behind it. 

It targets huge sectors in the industry.

The final reason why IBAT is likely to become much bigger than GMT is that it is targeting multiple rapidly growing sectors in the industry. GMT was solely focused on one sector, the move-to-earn economy. IBAT is currently focused on four sectors in total;

  • The fantasy league sector
  • The metaverse sector
  • The P2E sector
  • The NFT Sector

We have already discussed how huge the fantasy league sector is in the real world. Bringing the fantasy league to the blockchain will surely cause a peak interest as players that love fantasy sports leagues are likely to want to earn an income through their hobby.

The metaverse sector is another hotly expanding area in the industry. The metaverse industry is expected to hit USD 5 trillion by 2030, and even capturing just a fraction of that will help IBAT to grow. Battle Infinity intends to launch its metaverse called IBAT Battle Arena. 

Again, the P2E sector is another huge sector that Battle Infinity targets. The IBAT Premier League will be one method to play and earn in the ecosystem. However, Battle Infinity will take the P2E sector further by launching a multiplayer P2E gaming store called IBAT Battle Games. In addition, they will provide various P2E games to attract new players to the ecosystem.

Lastly, it is essential to remember that Battle Infinity is NFT-based. Therefore, players must purchase NFTs to enter the league and will likely continue purchasing further NFTs to improve their fantasy sports teams. 

Targeting these three huge sectors in the industry provides a solid foundation of users for Battle Infinity to expand into.


Overall, even if Battle Infinity replicates a small percentage of GMT’s growth, it can be considered a success. However, with the demand behind the project and the marketing efforts promoting the project, IBAT is certainly set to potentially become much bigger than GMT following the IDO on Pancakeswap.