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The Remarkable Price Spike in Three Noteworthy Cryptocurrencies This Week – Curve DAO, Chainlink, VC Spectra

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In the brutally bearish crypto market currently, three cryptocurrencies have emerged as the top altcoins. Curve DAO (CRV) has ridden the bullish wave after the founder settled the debt. Chainlink (LINK), on the other hand, has attained new standards in inter-chain operability. Yet, the biggest gainer has been VC Spectra (SPCT) with its massive profits and real-world utility.

Let’s find out what the experts have to say about them and whether they will continue to generate profits for the investors. 


Curve DAO (CRV) price spikes as founder settles debt on AAVE, might reach $1.

Chainlink (LINK) defies the crypto bear market with 35% gains. It is projected to reach $20 next.

VC Spectra (SPCT) redefines token presales with over 82% gains. 


Curve DAO (CRV) Spikes as Its Founder Settles The Debt

After dropping to a monthly low of $0.391 on September 13, Curve DAO (CRV) has shown immense strength. It has surged by 34.2% to trade at $0.525 by the end of September. There have been multiple catalysts behind the Curve DAO (CRV) resurgence. 

On September 13, Chaos Labs and Curve DAO launched the crvUSD Risk Management and Alerting Platform. Then, Overnight.fi launched the USD+/crvUSD pool built on Curve DAO on September 25. Meanwhile, Michael Egorov, Curve DAO’s founder, settled a $35.3 million debt position on AAVE on September 25. Finally, the on-chain data has shown that Curve DAO (CRV) whales have accumulated 19 million CRV tokens. 

The price surge in Curve DAO (CRV) tokens is expected to continue, according to experts. As a result, veteran investors are calling Curve DAO (CRV) one of the best crypto to buy. They predict Curve DAO (CRV) to rise above $1 in the coming months, which is almost double its current price. 

Chainlink (LINK) Emerges as The Bear Market Outlier With 35% Surge

On September 12, TokenShield joined Chainlink BUILD to access Chainlink’s (LINK) advanced oracle services. TopScore also joined Chainlink BUILD on September 13. ANZ Australia, the largest institutional bank in Australia, demonstrated the purchase of cross-chain assets using Chainlink (LINK) on September 14. 

Also, SushiSwap integrated Chainlink’s (LINK) CCIP to help power cross-chain swaps and airdrops on September 15. Then, on September 18, Chainlink (LINK) and Swift Payments entered a collaboration to scale tokenized assets. 

All these developments have led the Chainlink price to defy the bearish downturn in the crypto market. More precisely, the Chainlink price has surged by 35% since falling to $5.76 on September 12. Chainlink (LINK) ended September trading at $7.78. 

Now, experts are bullish on the Chainlink price as LINK continues to build new partnerships and grow its ecosystem. The Chainlink price prediction is for the LINK token to trade above $20 in the near future. 

VC Spectra (SPCT) Redefines Presales With Over 140% Boom

The decentralized venture capitalist fund and trading platform, VC Spectra, is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It uses smart contracts to automate its operations and leverages AI to revolutionize fintech. The VC Spectra fund specializes in investing in early-stage discounted blockchain ICO and the top DeFi projects to generate profits. 

On top of investing in the best DeFi companies, VC Spectra also performs trading using advanced methods. Some of these trading methodologies include arbitrage, market making, systematic, and algorithmic trading. 

VC Spectra is conducting the presale of its native governance token, SPCT, in stages. The SPCT token is a BRC-20 token with a deflationary burn mechanism, reducing its supply with time. VC Spectra has a dedicated token vesting schedule and token lock-in period to prevent price manipulation of the SPCT token. 

The price of the SPCT token in Stage 3 of its presale is $0.044 per token. For reference, this represents a 450% from the initial presale price of $0.008. Moreover, once the token presale ends, SPCT is predicted to reach $0.080 per token. As a result of this price projection, the current SPCT investors would earn returns worth at least 82%. 

The profits generated by VC Spectra (SPCT) combined with its utility, make it one of the best crypto to invest in now. For those interested in it, there’s an active 10% deposit bonus!

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