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Recycle-2-Earn Platform Ecoterra Takes in $150,000 in 24 Hours as FOMO Builds – Presale Raises $395,000 in a Week

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 6 min read
Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Tuesday April 11th 2023Ecoterra, a web3-based recycle-to-earn app, has made a significant splash in the crypto community as its presale fundraising amount doubled within just 24 hours.

The presale is likely to have completed half of its targeted first-stage total of $400,000 within the next few hours. 

FOMO (fear of missing out) is definitely building up. 

The Ethereum upgrade and renewed focus on bitcoin mining’s electricity usage has served to draw more attention to sustainable crypto, but it is probably the news of top brands joining ecoterra’s database of scannable recyclables that has lit the fire.

Barely a week since the presale began, by yesterday morning (Monday 10th) the ecoterra presale had raised $170,000 from hungry investors. 

One day later and that amount has more than doubled to over $390,000. 

$ECOTERRA is the utility token of the ecoterra platform. This means, for instance, that rewards earned on items recycled will be paid with the token.

Last week it was revealed that the project has already started integrating the products of household-name brands such as Vittel, San Pellegrino, Heineken and Dr Pepper into its database of scannable recyclable materials. 

It means consumers will be able to scan recyclable products from those brands, such as plastic bottles and aluminum cans. 

The ecoterra app will then be able to verify and record the items as recycled materials and reward the users accordingly.

Investors are flocking to the green coin in droves, with reports of exceptionally strong interest from Germany. 

ECOTERRA coin can be snapped up for just $0.004. Interested investors can buy with either ETH, USDT (Tether stablecoin) or using ordinary fiat money with a card.

Ecoterra Stage 1 buyers looking at 150% return on initial investment before listing

There are now just seven days to go before Stage 1 of the presale comes to an end and the price rises from  $0.004 to $0.004750 – an 18.7% increase. 

The exchange listing price of $ECOTERRA is $0.01, which represents a gain of 150% on the current presale price. 

Experts predict a successful business journey ahead for ecoterra as one of the most sustainable crypto in the space. 

Contributing now to the presale could lead to a substantial return on investment

FOMO around the project is building. With only a week left until the Stage 2 price rise kicks in, prospective investors have only a few days left to complete their research.

Ecoterra’s mission is to incentivize consumers to boost their recycling efforts, and provide companies with a way of enhancing their green reputation and customer loyalty through taking part in positive impact actions.

The accelerating traction is a testament to the attractiveness of a product that promises to make recycling easier and to incentivize it with a rewards mechanism. 

Ecoterra also has a 5% referral program. 

Simply connect your wallet and you will clock on the link in the bottom right of the screen to get it, as shown  below:

Ecoterra has the perfect market fit for fighting climate change

Looking at the surging interest, the market fit of ecoterra is convincing many to lend their support to the presale.

CEO Mihai Ciutureanu, commenting on latest developments, said: “We are over the moon with the surging interest in our project’s presale. 

Such impressive early traction is a welcome validation of our business model and vision. 

“It shows we are on the right track for mass adoption as we progress in rolling out the product roadmap for our growing community in the coming weeks and months.”

There will be a steady stream of product development news ahead for the community to digest. 

Before the presale started ecoterra had already announced its partnership with supermarket chain Delhaize (Lion). 

The supermarket, which has branch networks across Europe, North America and Asia, hosts reverse vending machines (RVMs) in its stores. RVMs play a key part in the ecoterra ecosystem.

An RVM accepts recyclable materials and in return issues a reward. In conjunction with the recycle-earn ecoterra app you will be able to earn tokens for each item recycled. 

Ecoterra aims to bring to life the circular economy, where waste and other disposables become inputs for new cycles of production. 

Solving the problem of greenwashing with impact profiles and a holistic ecosystem

Ecoterra is not confining itself to being a purely consumer-facing platform. Ecoterra also enables companies to take a leadership position in fighting climate change. 

By connecting with ecoterra companies can offer their customers rewards for recycling as well as the company itself earning rewards for its own recycling efforts.

What’s more, because of the power of decentralized blockchain technology, there is no danger of being accused of green-washing, because the data collected in the impact profile is fully transparent and publicly available.

All of this together elevates brands to the next level. 

Consumers will increasingly want to work with brands and companies that align with their own values and are contributing in some way to environmental, social and governance goals. 

Ecoterra makes all of that much easier to achieve.

There are three major elements to ecoterra’s holistic ecosystem: impact profile; recycled materials marketplace and the carbon offsetting marketplace.

Next step for ecoterra is forming partnerships with Nestlé and more global companies

Ecoterra is now reaching out to the parent companies of the brands mentioned  above Nestlé, as part of its plan to onboard more products into its database.

Nestlé alone owns 2,000-plus brands globally. Some of its most well-known names, alongside San Pellegrino and Vittel, include Nescafe, KitKat, Maggi, Nestea, Gerber, and Purina. Nestlé operates in 186 countries.

Commenting on the project announcement, ecoterra CEO Mihai Ciutureanu said: “We are happy to announce the first brands to be integrated into ecoterra’s ecosystem. 

These are the first steps in building out our extensive product database. 

“This is also a major milestone in moving towards forming partnerships with parent companies in the coming months.”

Ecoterra is off to a flying start given the fact that Nestlé is a large multinational company that owns a diverse portfolio of brands. 

Taking a slice of a pie value at $63 billion and growing fast

Ecoterra is positioned at the center of the global recycling industry – a sector that currently has a valuation of $63 billion, according to data from Statista. The industry is projected to grow to $88 billion by 2030.

The project shows how making it easier to recycle is a valuable public good. 

By enabling consumers, companies and investors to take part in impactful actions and to offset their carbon footprint, both the planet and the investor can benefit.

In addition to the utility-packed features described above, ecoterra will encourage app users to spend their tokens on impactful ecological activities, such as tree planting or supporting the development of green energy projects.

With ecoterra, all of the climate actions an individual or company takes part in or initiates are tracked and counted towards milestone achievements that can be represented by NFTs.

Also, if your household or company generates renewable electricity, this can be used to create an $ECOTERRA token income stream.

Ecoterra’s sustainable infrastructure and breakthrough incentivization system for recycling and carbon offsetting, makes it the ESG project to watch right now. 

But hurry, because tokens in this green endeavor are selling fast.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.