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Real Estate Investing Goes Global with This Crypto’s Groundbreaking New Platform – Here’s How it Works

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Crypto could be seeing some new property tycoons on the scene soon as the Metropoly ($METRO) presale explodes amid the hype around real-world assets (RWAs).

In a sensational funding round kick-off, Metropoly has raised $500k in just weeks, with thousands of investors racing to claim their stake in the future of crypto real estate.

But things are far from over, as the presale remains open in stage 9 – allowing a final wave of investors to get in early.

Metropoly is reigniting interest in blockchain-based real estate assets, with an ambitious plan to create a fully decentralized real estate marketplace.

The goal is simple: a platform that enables real estate to be tokenized into a digital marketplace.

This enables users to buy even fractional shares in properties around the world, owned through the power of NFT technology.

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How Metropoly plans to shake up Real Estate

By reducing barriers to entry its hoped that Metropoly will be able to democratize real estate investing.

Indeed, if someone presently wants to get involved in the real estate game – they will face endless barriers—battles with banks to secure financing, hidden agent fees, and geographical constraints on their options.

Metropoly removes all of that. Reducing the average buy time for real estate from 60 days to 20 seconds.

It also helps to remove the capital barrier to entry, with a small investment need of $100 instead of a 15% deposit.

What’s more? By tokenizing real estate you create a highly liquid digital asset that can be traded 24/7 through exchanges or P2P instantly. And it is all backed up by the real-world assets the token represents immutably on the blockchain.

Interest in real-world assets is surging as crypto moves towards digital assets that have genuine value.

DeFi onboarding of Real World Assets is a major narrative for crypto in 2023.

A world away from cartoon monkeys, Metropoly is gaining extra traction by showcasing a real world deployment of NFTs, with a genuine rationale for value accrual.

Metropoly ($METRO) Tokenomics

With $100k raised in the first 24 hours, and $500k hit within the first weeks – this project seems set to soar. Only 6% of METRO tokens remain up for grabs.

Tokenomics for Metropoly are favorable too. Past attempts at real estate marketplaces such as Landshare ($LAND) have struggled because of poor initial token distribution.

But Metropoly is launching using Dutch auction presales – a fair launch method. With an egalitarian initial token distribution that will see:

  • 30% of token supply reserve for rewards
  • 30% of token supply up for presale
  • 20% of token supply locked up in liquidity pools
  • 10% of token supply locked in reserve treasury
  • 8% of token supply distributed to the team
Source / Metropoly

How will $METRO token work?

The network native $METRO token will primarily serve as the means of settlement and transaction on the platform.

This means it will be used for the purchase and sale of real estate on the marketplace. But also that it will be used to pay out passive income flows from properties owned.

NFT certificates demarcate ownership of the real estate assets. These can be fractional, and this extends a fractional share of passive income flow too.

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This was tried and tested in the Metropoly beta-testing phase last year. The project is now in Beta 2.0 and the first properties are due to go live on the platform in the next month.

With exciting upcoming plans, including the first CEX listing, GameFi connectivity, and proposed lending functionality. Huge gains could be on the horizon for this real-world asset start-up. Watch this space.

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