12 Oct 2021 · 2 min read

Quokka Empire: An Innovative NFT Project That Brings Happiness to its Community

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

Quokkas are the world’s happiest animals, best known for their infectious smiles and friendly appearances; unfortunately, Quokkas have become endangered species in recent years. The quokka population is fighting against many odds that aren’t in their favor, from humans to predators and even fires.

Quokka Empire is on a mission to bring back the cute and friendly Quokka through their NFT project. A collection of 9,669 quokkas, each with a unique trait, Quokka Empire are unique NFT’s hiding in the Ethereum blockchain. The quokkas are stored as ERC-721 tokens, and your goal as the player is to find them all and combine males and females to help them reproduce.

The male and female gender of the Quokkas makes the adventure more engaging and also boosts the secondary market. Understanding that it can be different to differentiate male and female quokkas on the NFT, the artists at Quokka Empire have developed specific traits guiding the client and helping them tell apart the male and female.

Quokka Empire has more than 200 handcrafted quokka character traits ranked by the different rarity levels. These traits are dependent on the background, face masks, glasses, body and dress, hats and helmets, etc.

According to the team, this ensures that the demand always remains high, and you as the player don’t have to worry about constant drops in value.  Giving the player full ownership, Quokka Empire has no wallet limits or bounds.

Additionally, Quokka Empire will be creating a webtoon series, merchandise, and games. If your Quokka is used in any of the projects, you’re eligible for a percentage of the profits.

Ensuring to keep the adventure as much fun as possible and help save more quokkas from extinction, the CEO of Quokka Empire notes that for every quokka minted, a new milestone is unlocked.  Three lucky winners will also be sent to Rotten Island as part of creating awareness of the Quokkas.

Driven by their goal to bring back quokkas and save them from extinction, part of the Quokka Empire’s proceeds from the secondary market will be donated to save real quokkas.

What was once home to the quokkas now has a lesser population of the vulnerable species. Some that survived moved from Rotten Island and are now scattered in different parts of the world. However, the major problem is that they are separated and have stopped reproducing. Created by a group of Quokka rescue lords and lovers, Quokka Empire has made it their goal to bring back the adorable quokkas and build a community of die-hard quokka lovers.

Currently, the team has 9,669 quokkas that are in the form of NFT’s and mining is set to begin soon. Making the adventure much more enticing is the long-awaited surprise stated by the team after the 9,669 quokkas are saved.

Even though their main focus is on quokkas, Quokka Empire is also keen on the safety of other endangered animals, its mission to save them from extinction. They are bringing happiness to the world one quokka at a time while also recreating a whole new world for the quokkas!