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QubitTech Makes a Leap Into The Quantum Future

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Quantum computing is still something public mostly imagines as a part of a popular sci-fi franchise, yet the benefits, principles and mass adoption of quantum computing have been discussed in scientific circles for over several decades. It’s a common known fact that technological progress speeds up exponentially, thus we can state in all certainty that it is just a matter of time till all the expertise accumulated in Quantum computing over the years changes many areas of our lives. One of the easiest ways to tell that a certain technology is about to start booming is to look at the industry’s estimated value. 2019, the value of the quantum computing industry was estimated at $507.1 million. According to forecasts published by experts, the value of quantum computing industry may exceed 65 billion $ by 2030, and rocket all the way up to 1 trillion $ by 2035 according to McKinsey consulting company.

The race for Quantum supremacy is already going in full power between such tech giants as IBM, Google and Honeywell, whereas all three rivals seem to be going hand in hand constantly overtaking each other revealing more and more powerful solutions. Latest news flash – North Carolina-based conglomerate Honeywell has raised the stakes in the quantum computing race, announcing that its newest quantum computer has reached a quantum volume of 64—making it twice as powerful as quantum computers operated by rivals IBM and Google. First teased in March this year, Honeywell’s new quantum computer is “twice as powerful as the next alternative in the industry,” the company claims. “That means we are closer to industries leveraging our solutions to solve computational problems that are impractical to solve with traditional computers,” it said in a statement.

‘Like a lightning out of blue sky’ would not be a fair idiom to use here, since those who closely follow what’s new in Quantum computing industry know how rapidly it has been developing lately, yet those who don’t and haven’t got any clue about what all these processing power upgrades mean can be struck indeed, by seeing how it can affect real businesses performance. Not just tomorrow, but already today.

So, speaking of real use cases – apparently, QubitTech company is among the first to gain Quantum supremacy over competition in its field of asset management services. A very curious synergy between scientific and business worlds have resulted into a truly remarkable products offered by the company, setting new standards way above what we used to consider a great financial product.

QubitTech was founded by a group of independent experts in algorithmic and traditional asset management methods, and defines its main mission as to provide user with an effective way to use cryptocurrency assets based on the use of quantum computing (Company has ‘Qubit’ in its name for a reason, since it stands for a fundamental unit of quantum information). QubitTech CEO Greg Limon, also known as a co-founder and shareholder of the Toronto-based DigiMax Global has a truly remarkable background. Greg conducted two successful IPOs, participated in numerous venture projects (Over 2 billion USD fundraised). Greg’s outstanding sense for the market’s needs, creative and fluid strategic planning allowed to personally fundraise over 300 million USD to successfully kick-off numerous startups that now thrive in the global businesses arena.

Some of you may wonder where quantum technologies used by QubitTech came from. As previously mentioned, outstanding performance delivered by Qubit Tech is a synergy of combined talents brought by experts who mastered various asset management methods represented by Greg Limon. They drive the process of finding real use cases for what Quantum Computing industry can bring to the table.

Quantum technologies are able to solve specific problems that are impossible to process using traditional approaches of market data analysis as they think in QubitTech. Technology partners of QubitTech have unique quantum developments that were tested and rolled out using IBM’s technological facilities, unveiled an exclusive set of tools based on machine learning methods, quantum algorithms, and quantum neural networks. These tools and methods are already being used by a number of tech giants including QubitTech.

Quantum neural networks are used by QubitTech to generate quantitative market data, whereas quantum algorithms are used to process quantitative data and significantly reduced the time it takes to process raw data into information accurate enough to be successfully used in asset management operations.
Unchallenged success in the area of machine learning allowed QubitTech algorithmic systems to become more sophisticated in terms of adjustable settings available and therefore gradually improve risk to reward ratio indicators.

Like any other successful company out there, QubitTech divides its operational tasks and supervision responsibilities among competent workgroups. Qubi Tech has developed a transparent and fluid communication in its corporate structure, which allows the company not just to set most ambitious goals but also to successfully achieve them within designated timeframe. QubitTech seems to fully comply with definition of a ‘FinTech company’ since besides having its expertise in traditional asset management disciplines, and team members with strong background in implementation of risk management guidelines, finance consulting, investment banking and venture investment, company also heavily relies on development of its own software solutions to ensure maximum effectiveness of market data analysis and management of algorithmic trading systems through application of AI, BigData, Machine Learning and many other newest technologies.

QubitTech offers a well-balanced strategy achieved by smart diversification through algorithmic and traditional methods carried out on Bitfinex and Binance exchange platforms, as well more traditional ways.

To its users Qubit Tech offers digital licences with average monthly bonus of approximately 25%. The other product of Qubit Tech is trading robots, – ‘trend’ and ‘flat’ systems that can be connected through API to Binance or Bitfinex platforms. Qubit Tech website and representatives claim that these trading systems can deliver up to 7% monthly yield which also looks very promising. It seems like using both ‘trend’ and ‘flat’ robots at the same time would bring the best results, and given its impressive returns demonstrated so far should deliver way above its year licence price.

Cryptocurrency industry is still very young and is still quite far away from what we can call mass-adoption, yet companies like QubitTech seem to be stepping up standards of what cryptocurrency products should look like, and will definitely bring new people into crypto space.