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The Hottest Presale

This Project’s Final Presale Stage is Selling Out Fast – Secure Your Spot Now and Earn Crypto While Playing Games

Jamie McNeill
Last updated: | 2 min read

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Calvaria is a brand new play-to-earn gaming ecosystem that has been making huge strides in its presale, which is now almost complete. 

The play-to-earn industry has been booming as of late, despite the significant retracements in prices across the cryptocurrency markets – some of the best-performing assets of the last bull market were play-to-earn tokens, and there is a strong likelihood that they will continue to perform well in the next, especially when one considers that the majority of VCs see play-to-earn games as the dominant way to onboard the masses of retail into the crypto space. 

A brilliant new play to earn ecosystem

Calvaria is a brand new battle card gaming ecosystem in which players can earn and win RIA by scoring highly and wagering against other players. 

There are all sorts of ways in which one can earn for playing in the ecosystem, and there are even opportunities for people to earn RIA now: there are currently two mini-games that one can participate in on their project’s Telegram group known as Cabecitas and Cabezas Locas.

In addition to this, the team has decided to conduct a giveaway on their website, in which users have the opportunity to win $100k in RIA tokens, as long as they follow the necessary steps and hold RIA in their wallets at the time of the draw

Participate in governance with the Calvaria DAO 

At the forefront of the Calvaria ecosystem is the team’s focus on decentralization and in particular the decentralization of the governance of the platform. 

The Calvaria DAO allows the project to be community driven, with token holders having a significant impact on voting for the direction of the future of the metaverse and everyone having the ability to make their voice heard when it comes to significant changes. 

The RIA presale is almost complete 

Those who want to participate in the presale ought to do so quickly since there isn’t much time left in the presale before all the tokens will have been sold (if they aren’t all sold, then the presale will end on the 31st of January). 

The presale is now 86% complete, with only 14% of the tokens remaining to be sold at a price of 30.77 RIA per USDT. 

Those who want to participate in the presale should head over to the Calvaria website today, where they can acquire tokens at a significant discount before exchange listings in February. 

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