20 Jan 2023 · 1 min read

Privok’s token IEO is started on P2B!

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of Cryptonews.com editorial content.

Until January 10th, you can buy tokens and become a part of the project’s community. After IEO, the tokens will be traded on the P2B platform.

What is a Privok token? 

$PVK is a token on the Ethereum blockchain by Privok company, that based in India. They work on windmill-based renewable green energy. $PVK symbolizes energy production and simplifies the currently existing energy investment ecosystem throughout the globe.

By distributing more $PVK on the crypto market, many investors get the opportunity to become a part of the Privok ICO community. With Privok’s renewable energy ICO, sustainable energy producers can trade directly with green energy buyers and increase capital by selling more energy at below market price.

Privok presents the legally binding agreement between energy producers and buyers. The project works as reward-based crowdfunding, where contributors are rewarded free Privok energy tokens they may hold or sell on the platform. It has a different profit partnership system for investors. PVK Token value will increase in the crypto market, and you can get more profit

Green Mission 

The Electrical Vehicle industry is most emerging globally, and India is one of the biggest markets. So in the future, the company will develop Electrical Vehicle charging stations. 

At Privok EV charging stations, all Privok green energy power will be utilized directly by Electrical vehicle owners. This process allows Privok to serve energy at a low rate compared to other EV charging stations.

With PVK Token, globally, any investor becomes a part of EV charging station project expansion and gets the opportunity to become a partner of a fast-growing EV charging station company.

Owning a $PVK token in an ICO's early stages provides significant earning benefits. Join the Privok IEO on P2B!