03 Dec 2021 · 3 min read

PrimeXBT Contest Module: Enter Competitions for Incredible Prizes

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When it comes to customer appreciation, very few businesses do it right—but from those who do, there is yet another subset of those who go above and beyond in order to secure customer loyalty. One such company is PrimeXBT which has recently introduced a new module called Contest. As its name implies, it lets customers participate in contests and win prizes from a generous prize pool. 

What Is the Contest Module? 

As its name implies, the Contest module lets users compete against each other to win prizes. The winner during each competition period is the person with the highest return on investment (ROI). However, there is no need to worry that you will have to pauper yourself if you want to participate: the contests use only virtual funds for trading, making for a significantly more level playing ground for all contestants. 

There will also be several different trading competitions on a regular basis, either weekly or monthly. The first one that has just started in celebration of the module’s launch is called the Grand Trading Competition with a prize pool of USD 100,000 which will be shared amongst the ten best performing traders.  

The first-place winner will receive a USD 50,000 reward credited to his PrimeXBT margin account immediately after the competition is finished, while the second-place runner-up will receive USD 20,000, and third place will get USD 10,000. The remaining seven winners will be rewarded with prizes ranging from USD 500 to USD 7,000, depending on their final ranking. 

There is neither a deposit nor entrance fee—participation is completely free and relies on live market data to mimic a real-time trading environment. There are no restrictions on joining future contests; if you don’t win in one go, you can always try another time. The Contest module brings a new level of fun into the trading game, letting participants learn trading using virtual funds and even win something if they get lucky (or if they play their cards right!) 

In the future, monthly trading competitions—like the one launching now—will have a prize pool of USD 100,000, while weekly competitions will be lower, at USD 5,000. But, as mentioned, regardless of which type you want to try your hand at, you can go for both—or neither. 

How to Use the Contest Module 

First, in case you still haven’t, sign up for PrimeXBT by following this link. Once you’re done (and it only takes a few minutes as there is no forced KYC), click Contests in the main platform menu, where users can view all active and upcoming competitions. Getting started is as simple as clicking the Join button. Selecting a specific competition allows you to view the conditions necessary to qualify and win the prize. There are some competitions that require you to reach a certain trading volume or a number of trades (all with the aforementioned virtual funds), so you won’t qualify for the prize if you don’t reach those. 

When you join, you get to choose a nickname for the contest. This sets you apart from other traders in an easy to remember way, but also preserves your privacy if that’s what you prefer. Once you’ve joined, you just start trading—no unnecessary steps. Winners will receive emails letting them know how much they’ve won and how to claim their rewards.  

Simple, right? Happy trading!

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