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Presale of the Year: Meta Masters Guild Reaches $3.8 Million Raised – The Next Big Thing?

Sam Cooling
Last updated: | 3 min read
Source / Meta Masters World

Shockwaves have rumbled through the GameFi industry as the Meta Masters Guild presale skyrockets to a jaw dropping $3.8m raised.

With the pre-sale hard cap target of $4.97m within touching distance over the next week. This project could become GameFi’s hottest presale of the year. A huge vote of market confidence in Meta Masters.

Tipped to be a leading ecosystem within the expanding GameFi sector, Meta Masters Guild is setting out to shake up the space.

A project built by gamers, for gamers. 

Play-2-Earn is a good idea, everyone would love to earn money by playing video games. But if it overshadows the actual gameplay and immersive experience, then it isn’t entertaining.

That’s why Meta Masters Guild has set out to launch an ecosystem that hopes to foster genuine, high-quality game development in the space.

To achieve this, Meta Masters Guild has partnered with a leading AAA-rated game studio: GameAround. Famous for delivering innovative digital experiences for multi-billion pound fashion retailer Boohoo.

And progress has been impressive. In just a few months, the team already has three big games in the development pipeline. When you consider this is before the project has even launched its presale – the potential for this team is huge.

Meta Kart Racers set to launch in Q3 this year

The flagship title is Meta Kart Racers – set to launch on mobile platforms in Q3 of this year. Players will blast down intense race tracks. Traversing icy Artic tunnels to the tight neon-lit streets of Tokyo.

All this takes place using player-customizable drivers and karts. With a focus on aesthetic quality, the game hopes to incentivize players to develop a unique style to stand out in high-octane matches.

Source / Meta Kart Racers

This will drive the in-game economics – reflective of the CS:GO digital skins model (a market worth over $1bn annually). This is Web3 – so these products will include a mix of in-game unlockable items and premium NFTs. Meta Kart Racers aims to be the No.1 play-to-earn mobile racing game.

The P2E model uses an in-game currency called $GEMS that is earnable for completing races, challenges, and unlocks. These are redeemable for the ecosystem’s native currency $MEMAG, which is used for settlement across the ecosystem and all its various marketplaces.

Build your Empire in Meta Masters World

Another exciting title under development is Meta Masters World, aiming to deliver strategy gaming to the Web3 market for the first time.

Players start with a small army, and set out into a war-torn world of PvP empire-building. You can acquire your land by accumulating riches or blood spilled. There is full character customization planned to allow you to become the character you always imagined.

And if you acquire enough land in the meta – your empire will pay you in real life with the planned in-game currency redeemable for $MEMAG too. There, of course, will be an economics marketplace similar to RuneScape that will allow players to use $MEMAG to upgrade their empires.

More details are set to be revealed on this title soon. Follow Meta Masters Guild on Discord and Telegram to keep up to date.

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Pre-sale is rapidly ending – don’t miss this one!

Industry hopes are pinned on MMG breathing a breath of much-needed fresh air into GameFi. With Meta Masters Guild building so much hype in the GameFi space – the pre-sale is selling out quickly.

The presale is currently coming to the end of Stage 6 – this penultimate stage has only $300,000 to go until it sells out!

Once this is hit, the presale will move to the final Stage 7 of the funding round. This will see the price of MEMAG increase one final presale interval by 9.5% to $0.023 USDT.

With FOMO palpable among investors, and interest only growing in GameFi circles, the rate of sale is likely only to accelerate further.

This project, with such an energizing roadmap for the struggling P2E sector, is not one to miss.

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