27 Oct 2021 · 4 min read

Play-to-Earn: NFT Dragons Will Land on Ethereum

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

It's a phenomenon that Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, had certainly not anticipated: there are going to be dragons on his blockchain, lots of dragons! It is in the form of NFT that these imaginary creatures will materialize within a unique ecosystem: the game DragonVerse.

What is DragonVerse?

DragonVerse is a game at the crossroads of several current trends, namely the use of NFT (non-fungible tokens with multiple functions), the emergence of metaverse, cryptocurrencies and of course, the gaming world. 

It is a vibrant new world to which the future players of DragonVerse will have access and in which they will be able to make their characters (the famous dragons) evolve in the depths of the Ethereum network.

Battles between dragons and gold at stake!

DragonVerse can be played on mobiles but also computers. You will have to fight your dragons alone or in teams. The goal will be for you to collect the greatest wealth of the kingdom: gold.

At the end of each fight, you will be rewarded with NFT and tokens that will allow you to participate concretely in the game ecosystem.

Play to win money

The DragonVerse team understands that the future of gaming is likely to be "Play-to-Earn", a way of playing that allows players to earn money while enjoying their favorite hobby. 

The number 9 has a special significance in the DragonVerse. Here is the fantastic story behind this project: “9 millennia of harmony and innocence, a cataclysmic event has shaken the DragonVerse. In a deluge of fire, fury and... gold, a meteorite prophesied by the Ancients came to pulverize the ancestral order, sending the dragons back to their deepest nature, inciting them all, from the first to the last, to remember their unquenchable thirst for gold and wealth... The age of combat had just begun in the DragonVerse!”

The important thing to remember is that the game is constantly evolving, and the community will learn more about the story of DragonVerse as the writers reveal it. We know for now that there will be the first generation of dragons ready to populate this metaverse and that there will be 9,999 dragons, all NFTs created on the Ethereum network. This first generation will be coveted, and its value could well become very valuable over time. It should be noted that this generation will be generated algorithmically and will have a random level of rarity, with over 200 characteristics and 1 billion possible combinations. 

Once all 9,999 NFTs of the first generation of dragons are created, a grand tournament with a $100,000 prize pool will be held in DragonVerse.

A schedule that starts in November

Suppose you are already looking forward to diving into the DragonVerse metaverse. In that case, you will have to be a little patient, as the official launch date is still being kept under wraps, but know that the NFT collection will be announced the week of November 1, 2021

Here is the quarterly schedule of the project:

Unlike the traditional gaming world, the characters in DragonVerse are much more than virtual avatars. In fact, each of these 9,999 dragons is also a key and a real vehicle. 

By owning your own creature, you'll be able to enjoy Play-to-Earn in early 2022 on your computer or mobile devices.

Dragon breeders wanted

When you play DragonVerse, you'll have to fight other dragons in PvP (player versus player) mode, but not only that. You'll also have the opportunity to start breeding and raising these mythical creatures with their sulphur-laden breath. 

Moreover, note that there is a marketplace on the platform where dragon owners can buy and sell new creatures, as well as eggs and boosts. 

And this is probably the strength and the salt of crypto-gaming. Players are no longer simply passive players but active members of an ecosystem and contribute to its evolution. You can invest in the economy of the game by participating in and organizing tournaments yourself. It is also possible to join guilds in order to demand your share of the game's loot. This share, taken from the gold found on the continent, will initially be distributed to you in the form of ETH, then in-game tokens and/or new NFTs useful in-game.

The DragonVerse team

The DragonVerse project was imagined and designed by an international team of a dozen people under the co-direction of NF2C and P4K0.  NF2C is an innovator invested in the blockchain domain for the past 4 years, particularly active in projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), the famous monkey collection in NFT. He is also a successful entrepreneur in the more traditional world of e-commerce with 50 million in sales on the US and European markets in 3 years. P4K0 is an expert in digital marketing and gaming, and he is in charge of the customer acquisition strategy of about 50 brands, among which are big names in mobile gaming.  

To be kept informed on the evolution of the project:


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