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Play to Earn Gaming is Making a Comeback and this Project has Raised $1.6m – How to Buy Early

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The play to earn gaming industry has taken a large hit over the course of the bear market, with industry titans such as AXIE and SAND having taken a large hit.

However, there are many who believe that the world of play to earn gaming is now making a comeback with the rise of the play to earn gaming sensation Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. 

Calvaria is a play to earn game built for the masses

One of the reasons that many play to earn games struggled to gain traction during the last bull market, and why many have flailed during the bear market, has been the lack of focus on building a gaming ecosystem that is designed with the masses in mind. 

Calvaria is primarily a battle card game that involves the native token and NFTs, allowing players to wage war against one another in order to earn rewards. 

The Calvaria DAO 

The Calvaria DAO is one of the main selling points of the project, in that the team has a strong focus on ensuring the ecosystem is as sustainable as possible by removing central points of failure. 

By turning Calvaria into a decentralised autonomous organisation, the team are hoping to channel the hive mind of their gamers, and to ensure that the project takes directions that are popular for the vast majority of their users

The RIA token will therefore not only be used as the lifeblood of the ecosystem and to reward players for their participation in the game, but is also a governance token that allows users to vote on the future direction of the project – not only can Calvaria gamers own a part of the game that they are playing and their assets within the game, they can also shape its future. 

Play Calvaria mini games now 

Although the main games of the ecosystem shan’t be released until after the Calvaria presale has been completed, there are mini games that one can participate in on the Calvaria Telegram group

These mini games, Cabezas Locas and Cabecitas, allow for members of the Calvaria community to fully ingratiate themselves in the entertainment culture that the game is focused on.

The Calvaria presale is selling out fast 

The Calvaria presale has now raised $1.6m, and the RIA token is currently being sold at a value of $0.025. 

Given that the presale is being conducted in various stages, this presents an opportunity for investors to make large returns since at the last stage of the presale the token price will have risen to $0.055, after which time it will list on exchanges. 

Those who wish to can now participate in the Calvaria presale on their website to become a part of this ecosystem in its earliest stages. 

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