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Play. Rule. Earn.

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Modern gamers need modern games and to bring them that we have to revolutionize gaming. In the new, upcoming era of modern gaming which many people also call the Web 3.0 gaming, Solsworn is coming to stir up the NFT crypto play-to-earn sphere. Solsworn is a strategy MMORPG game that will transform ordinary strategy games and disrupt the crypto gaming industry.

Some startups are using Discord as a tool to give the community a chance to interact with the developers and participate in various fun activities while waiting for the release of the game. Solsworn launched its Metagame, hosted on Discord where players choose their destiny and allows them to take actions and later on face the consequences.

“Weeks have gone by since The Emperor has spoken. Citizens of Solvenia mostly spend their time at home – armed and ready. The people are staying strong, but certainly not afraid! You can still find people singing and drinking in taverns. Along with them – gamblers, thieves, murders and many dark sorcerers waiting to exploit any soul in Solvenia. To prevent them from doing so, Solvenias provinces are protected by our Solworn Knights! Lands under their watchful eyes remain safe as they gain GLORY! Solsworn Knights are the bravest of the brave. As sometimes Knights do, they like to show off and fight between each other in The Drunken Goblin Tavern! Many swords have already crossed between these walls. 

The Drunken Goblin Tavern is where this story begins.”

  • Community lore contribution that was later turned into an animated story and teaser for Solsworn’s metagame.

What can we expect from Solsworn?

Primarily the first MMORPG strategy game that will allow players to influence the game itself. How, you ask? By giving players the possibility to choose their destiny and later face the consequences of their actions. With that said we must briefly explain the idea. The idea is that players will have to have a character and that character will be a NFT with which they can play the actual game. Currently, the collection of Solsworn Knights is sold out but the collection of Solsworn Orcs is soon to be announced.


The Sol Emperor rules over the Kingdom of Solvenia where players will be appointed as the protector of one of the free provinces. Their duties include development of their province and insurance of prosperity for their people.

In a never ending struggle for power players will meet other players and engage in trade with them, establishing diplomatic ties and even forging alliances. But with that players must be careful who they call a friend as they will all compete for favor with the Sol Emperor.

Players will start in an empty province that spans in only a single tile. Their job will be to grow and provide for the safety and prosperity of their people. Every province has a unique layout and configuration of tiles. Players will have to explore and colonize their surroundings so they can build the perfect infrastructure to take full advantage of the resources around them.

As well as exploring their surroundings, players will have to bring out their negotiating skills and form alliances with their neighbours. Engaging with provinces around them, they sign non-aggression pacts, enter trade agreements and form guilds with other players. Trade adds a new dimension to provinces as players will never be fortunate enough to have every resource they desire at home in their own province. They will also be able to gain control of resources at home to make other players bring them wealth from their province.

Solsworn Champions

Each province will have a Solsworn act as its Champion. Every Solsworn is unique and has their own play style. To keep things interesting the active Solsworn Champion can be swapped once per week as some might be desirable early in the season, some during war time and others to complement fellow allies’ strategies.

NFTs are all of different rarities. They vary in different properties such as accessories, armor, background, cloak, face, right hand, left hand, head and skin. NFT holders can see their specifications on Moonrank to determine their rarity. 

Wild Area NFT Land

Players will have the ability to bid for additional land on the outskirts of the empire in order to expand their grasp. They will also have the opportunity to build outposts outside of the comfort and safety of their home province to gather valuable and rare resources to fortify their strategic positions. But they should also be vary of what lurks in the dark.


$SWRN will be an SPL Token used within the Solsworn game. The developers believe it is key to make sure it does not introduce a pay to win element in the game.

$SWRNs core functions:

  • Purchase of Vanity Items and flaunting
  • Trade $SWRN for Time for those too busy in meat space
  • Increase Seasonal Reward via $SWRN
  • Add an additional twist to the Play-to-Earn experience


  • TBD: Solsworn Orc Collection Minting
  • Q1 2022: Alpha of the Solsworn game is launched.
  • Q1 2022: The $SWRN token is airdropped to Solsworn owners, to prepare for game launch.
  • Q2 2022: Game launch and Season 1 of Solsworn will be live.
  • Q2 2022: Introduce a DAO, to help shape the future of the game.
  • Q3 2022: Season 2 live and beyond, exciting times ahead!

Metagame is in progress. To learn more visit solsworn.com.

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