01 Feb 2023 · 2 min read

Play-to-Earn Platform Meta Masters Guild Continues to Impress with $2.3 Million Raised in Presale – Time to Buy?

The Meta Masters Guild presale continues to see a huge amount of interest and is attracting at least $100,000 of investment every day.

MEMAG tokens are selling quickly and investors now have less than three days to secure them before they increase in price, with a total of $2.3 million now raised in just three weeks.

Hype is building around MMG not only because of the high-potential presale but as the project is developing the world's first dedicated Web3 mobile gaming platform.

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Limited Time Before MEMAG Price Increase

At press time, MEMAG tokens are on sale for $0.016 in stage 4 of the presale.

However, on February 4, 2023, the presale will roll into stage 5 and the price of tokens will increase to $0.019 - a rise of 18.75%.

In fact, by the seventh and final stage, MEMAG will cost $0.023 - a 43.75% price increase compared to the current price.

Having only launched in mid-January, the MEMAG presale has also sold nearly 50% of its presale allowance, as the project has a hard cap of $4.97 million.

There is a max supply of 1 billion MEMAG and 35% of them have been allocated to the presale - with no vesting period - and another 15% to exchanges and liquidity.

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Dedicated Web3 Mobile Gaming Platform

Meta Masters Guild will develop its platform with a 'focus on fun' and make tokenization a secondary concern. 

Mobile gaming is perfect for that, given that mobile games are more attractive to casual players and, although lacking the prestige of AAA-worthy games, are cheaper, easier and quicker to develop.

MMG wants to develop games that are fun and replayable and attractive over a long period, having seen many notable P2E projects quickly lose players because of poor gameplay.

MMG currently has three games in development - racing game Meta Kart Racers, fantasy fighter Raid NFT and open-world metaverse game Meta Masters World. 

Meta Kart Racers is furthest along in its development and is expected to launch in late 2023 after beta testing in the coming months.

The game sees players purchase and upgrade karts and drivers and race in solo and player-vs-player modes to earn rewards and fight for the Meta Kart Championship.

To further show their focus is on fun over any rewards mechanism, Meta Masters Guild will not used MEMAG for rewards. 

Instead a second, off-chain token - GEMS - is won by players for completing missions and objectives and is also used to trade assets.

All assets in the MMG ecosystem are owned by players as NFTs and the project is also developing a central marketplace where players can buy, sell and trade their assets.

GEMS can also be converted back to MEMAG to sell, while the main token can be staked to generate holders a passive income.

Meta Masters Guild has been developed by a doxxed and KYC-verified team, while the MEMAG token smart contract has been fully audited by SolidProof.

The project is also running a $100k MEMAG token giveaway.

For the latest news on the project, join the Meta Masters Guild Telegram group.

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