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Play-to-Earn Meta Masters Guild Reaches New Heights with $3 Million Raised in Presale – Limited Time to Get in

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The Meta Masters Guild presale has raised just over $3.1 million, following a bumper weekend in which it attracted around $200,000 per day from new investors in the Web3-focused gaming guild. The offering has been growing rapidly in recent days, indicating not only how successful the play-to-earn platform has been in arousing market interest, but also how successful it’s likely to be when it launches later in the year.

The presale is currently in its fifth stage (out of seven), with 1 MEMAG selling at $0.019. However, the sixth stage is set to begin in a little more than three days, so investors are advised to act quickly if they wish to secure some MEMAG before its price increases to $0.021.

Play-to-Earn Meta Masters Guild Reaches New Heights with $3 Million Raised in Presale – Limited Time to Get in

As recently as Thursday, Meta Masters Guild was celebrating the fact that it had raised $2.5 million in its sale. However, this total has now risen to $3,137,000, and it’s well on course to raise $3,343,000, at which point stage six will begin.

The presale will offer 350 million MEMAG in total, representing 35% of the coin’s total maximum supply of 1 billion. Of this total supply, 15% is allocated to the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem, 10% to its company reserve, 10% to its core development team, 15% to the marketplace, 5% for liquidity, and 10% for exchange listings.

In the seventh stage of the sale, 1 MEMAG token will sell for $0.023, which equals a 228.6% increase over the sale price during the first stage. This highlights just how profitable the offering could be for investors who act quickly.

Interested traders can participate in the sale by visiting the official Meta Masters Guild website and connecting either their Wallet Connect or MetaMask wallets. MEMAG can be purchased using either ETH or USDT, with the sale’s closure and first exchange listing are expected to happen in the second quarter of the year.

The reason why the Meta Masters Guild has been doing well is that it has strong fundamentals, with plans to launch its first game, Meta Kart Racers, by the third quarter of the year. From there, it will develop a range of Web3 and metaverse-related titles, aiming to capitalize on the growth of the blockchain gaming market, which is projected to be worth $104.5 billion by 2028.

The company’s primary goal is to create fun and rewarding games as an antidote to the profit-first mentality evident in many play-to-earn and blockchain-based games/platforms. The launch title, Meta Kart Racers, will be a free-to-play racing game available on iOS and Android, while other early titles will include Meta Masters World and NFT Raid.

As far as MEMAG itself is concerned, it will have governance and utility features, while its fixed supply could potentially make it deflationary. MEMAG’s price is expected to rise steadily once listed on exchanges and Meta Masters Guild’s games are launched.

Other interesting features include a native NFT marketplace, where gamers can trade in-game items they collect in Meta Masters Guild games, such as Meta Market Racers. On top of this, it will also be possible to stake MEMAG and earn a yield, giving the token even more utility.

Big Presale Returns

Due to its limited supply, the MEMAG token is expected to see a steady increase in value once it becomes listed on exchanges and Meta Masters Guild launches its games. On top of this, 2022 was a decent year for presale coins, with some coins, e.g., Tamadoge (TAMA), experiencing a growth of over 1,000% after they were listed on exchanges. 

With the big ambitions of Meta Masters Guild, there’s now a strong probability that MEMAG will experience significant price gains when it first lists in the coming weeks. The platform will offer a variety of engaging and entertaining games that will not only encourage gamers to keep playing, but also create a sustained demand for the token over time.

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