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Play-to-Earn Gaming Goes Mainstream With Calvaria’s Battle Card Game – Here’s How It Works

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 3 min read

The play-to-earn (P2E) market is predicted to grow rapidly in the upcoming years. Calvaria, the hugely popular P2E battle-card game, is well-positioned to profit from the rising interest in cryptocurrency gaming income.

The project has distinct game features and provides accessibility to players without prior crypto experience, which sets it apart from the competition. Therefore, there is much greater potential to attract players than in other P2E games currently available. 

Calvaria recently completed the presale of its native token, RIA, after raising over $3 million during the fifth presale stage.

RIA is now trading on Uniswap and LBank, with more exchange listings on the way.

Calvaria: Leading the Drive Toward the Future of Play-to-Earn

Calvaria, the newest entry in the play-to-earn market, has piqued gamers’ interest. The P2E game is an action-packed card battle strategy game that rewards players. Due to its unique gaming niche – the battle card strategy industry – investors anticipate Calvaria to be one of the best crypto projects in 2023.

In this turn-based strategy game, players must anticipate their opponent’s next move. In order to compete in the game, it’s necessary to have the ideal deck of playing cards with the appropriate skills. These are necessary to defeat the opponent’s deck. 

Each combat card is an NFT with unique strengths and weaknesses that influence how well it will perform in the fight. Since they are NFTs, no two cards are the same, and throughout the ecosystem, players keep ownership of their NFTs.

The game’s main aim is for players to compete in the strategy war by building a diverse deck of cards. The game rewards players with token profits, resources, and power-ups to improve their decks even more if they outsmart their rivals.

An Easy Way to Crypto Adoption

Calvaria’s main goal is to use the P2E battle card game to hasten cryptocurrency adoption by the general public. The team hopes to become a good ambassador for crypto, which will be done by showing the positive applications of the technology while attracting non-crypto enthusiasts into the industry.

Calvaria’s plan to attract non-crypto enthusiasts into the crypto ecosystem is in motion. The project will release a free-to-play version of its game alongside the play-to-earn version. The free-to-play version of the game, which is available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores, is meant to serve as an introduction.

The free-to-play version’s idea is to lower entry barriers for non-crypto users while demonstrating the profit they could have made if they participated in the play-to-earn version. Users will also see a direct lifetime earnings tracker in the free-to-play version, letting them know how much profit they can make using their skills.

All of the game’s standout attributes will be present in the free-to-play edition, including top-notch visuals, engaging combat, and capacity for card collection and deck construction. The free-to-play version won’t have any earning mechanisms or a blockchain.

The Calvaria team hopes this will sufficiently persuade players to switch to the play-to-earn version and become crypto natives. 

Potential Growth for Play-to-Earn Industry

The play-to-earn market is also expected to hit $2.8 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 20.4% over the following five years. Calvaria is well-positioned to benefit from the growing interest in the play-to-earn industry.

Calvaria’s presale success has already indicated the overwhelmingly positive response to the game, as the project completed its presale in the fifth stage with over $3 million raised. Investors who bought the token can claim it by going to the website and clicking on the claim tab. 

Those who did not participate but wish to get the token can do so through the LBank, BKEX, and Uniswap exchanges. The native $RIA token can also be staked by players to receive incentives.

Buy RIA on Presale Now

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