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Play-to-Earn Crypto Game Enters Final Presale Stage – Just 3% Of Tokens Left

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 3 min read

Online card games are becoming all the rave in the crypto space. Since the launch of the play-to-earn gaming model in the last year, a growing number of projects are providing added utility to gamers besides the thrill of entertainment.

One such play-to-earn project is Calvaria – a new-generation online strategy game.

Calvaria Creating a New Reality for Online Games

Blockchain games are becoming even more popular by the day. In the online card strategy niche, only a limited number of options are available for users. The most popular is Gods Unchained, where players have to assemble the best deck of cards and try to outwit all the tactics of their competitors.

Seeing the dearth in the number of card-focused blockchain games, the Calvaria game was launched in late 2022. The online card trading game allows users to compete against one another in a bid to earn the native token, RIA. 

While competition is the central thrust of the Calvaria game, it also offers several in-game mechanics. The most noticeable is the story mode version. This feature is conspicuously absent in rival projects like Gods Unchained.

Cards Are NFTs

The Calvaria game thrives on a storyline featuring three different worlds. In it, players are required to play through different stacks of cards in these realms. Each card is a non-fungible token (NFT) with unique traits and capabilities and comes with visually appealing in-game characters. With the Calvaria NFT game, users retain full control of all their in-game resources and can even move them off the chain for use.

Even more impressive is that these cards’ NFT assets also come with intrinsic value. Players with peculiarly rare card combinations can sell them on secondary NFT marketplaces. Additionally, their original NFT creators can earn royalties from the resale of their assets on secondary NFT marketplaces.

In terms of value, this new-generation online card game is packed to the brim.

Calvaria also provides limited access to NFT collections, loot mystery boxes, direct NFT card upgrades, top-ups, and access to scholarship opportunities, amongst others.

Holders of the RIA token will also generate passive income from directly locking them on-chain via staking, given the game’s proof of stake (PoS) capacity.

Calvaria Is on a Mission

Gaming is not all there is for this exciting new blockchain card game. The team behind the project is also looking to facilitate more brand awareness around blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as a whole. 

Given this, the Calvaria game will make every player of its card game an effective ambassador toward the end goal. With blockchain tech enjoying mainstream acceptance by the day, this is a worthy goal for a new project.

BKEX IEO Listing Set for February

For a project still in the development stages, Calvaria is making waves. The project’s growing popularity is sweeping into the centralized crypto ecosystem by the day.

According to a recent tweet, the popular centralized Bitcoin exchange BKEX is set to add the RIA token in its seed incubator phase. Called initial exchange offering (IEO), the RIA token will become easily accessible by the millions of the exchange’s customers before final listing for trading. This way, they can easily purchase the digital asset at a fixed low price and sell for a profit when the listing event occurs.

According to the BKEX team, RIA’s IEO event is set for the early days of February, making now an ideal moment for early-bird investors to pile on the project.

The presale event is almost over, and the asset sale is already at a 97% completion rate. So far, the digital asset has raised well above $3 million out of the possible $3,075,000 set for its hard cap limit.

Value-driven investors can easily purchase the asset for a bargain price of $0.0325 before the presale event closes.

Buy RIA on Presale Now

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