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Pikamoon is a New P2E Metaverse Game Aiming to be the Next Axie Infinity

Viraj Randev
Last updated: | 5 min read

Pikamoon is a new NFT play-to-earn (P2E) gaming ecosystem that allows players to earn rewards by battling and exploring elements through the Pikaverse – its metaverse environment. 

By leveraging $PIKA, players can purchase exclusive items through a marketplace, participate in tournaments and earn huge rewards.

Currently, Pikamoon is gearing towards the presale release of its native cryptocurrency, $PIKA. With the first presale round expected to release on April 16th, 2023, investors can purchase this gaming crypto token for only $0.0002.

Pikamoon is Aiming to Become the Next Axie Infinity Project

Pikamoon is an RPG (Role-Playing Game) that will feature NFT P2E elements through its metaverse environment. Platform members can enter the Pikaverse through their Pikamoon companions.

The Pikamoon whitepaper states that the first generation of the game will feature 18,012 Pikamoon NFTs. Similar to some of the best gaming crypto projects, such as Axie Infinity, Pikamoon will also allow players to purchase land within its metaverse.

However, while Axie Infinity faces a dwindling player base due to the expensive entry costs, Pikamoon aims to make the ecosystem easy to use – firstly, investors can mint their first Pikamoon NFT companion for free by leveraging their $PIKA tokens.

The ecosystem will mainly focus on its offline, single-player gaming mode before introducing other online elements. Furthermore, Pikamoon’s main focus has been making the gameplay as exciting as possible.

The sections below will discuss the story elements and the popular gaming projects on which Pikamoon has based its environment.

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Earn $PIKA Tokens by Battling and Exploring on the Pikaverse

To earn $PIKA tokens, one can engage in offline or online modes. During the offline modes, players can explore and engage in battle against other NPC (Non-Playing Characters) to earn $PIKA tokens.

The storyline of the Pikamoon P2E game is based in a world known as Dreva. With your Pikamoon companions, you are required to explore the world, complete objectives and battle against multiple bosses and monsters.

Players must build their forces by finding items, earning experience, adding more Pikamoons, purchasing land to expand their empire, and entering tournaments and competitions.

Players progress through the game by exploring and battling, with the exploration mode allowing one to roam around the Dreva world in real time, uncover hidden areas, and engage with NPCs.

The battles are turn-based fights involving your Pikamoon avatars and the opposing NFT characters. Each Pikamoon has its own skill set and evolves as it fights across the gameplay – notably, players can find or purchase NFT items such as treats, boosts, healing items, and special devices to gain an advantage in battle.

The battles occur against Guardians, the main enemies of Dreva. As players progress through the game, they can capture new and advanced Pikamoons to stand a higher chance of winning in tournaments, with the final battle coming against the 13th God.

Players can use various tactics and strategies to win a battle, including Pikamoon swaps and attack modes – one can also opt to flee from battles and apply healing portions to give their Pikamoons a higher chance of succeeding in fights.

Each Pikamoon NFT will belong to one of these four regions – the Flame Empire, Thunder Collective, Earth Regions, and the Water Kingdom.

Pikamoon could be the next crypto to explode as it has taken inspiration from hugely popular games such as Pokémon, Fortnite and FIFA, as it aims to offer engaging gameplay to keep the players invested for the long run. 

It features vibrant and bright color schemes and design – as well as not containing mature themes – to appeal to gamers of all ages. The project’s developers are also doxxed and KYC-verified and audited. 

$PIKA Offers Deflationary Tokenomics 

The $PIKA token has a total supply of 50 billion tokens but through the Pikamoon marketplace, the supply will keep reducing.

Every time a member spends tokens on purchasing NFTs on the marketplace, 5% of the transaction amount is burnt – thus, the tokens can benefit from strong supply and demand economics.

As seen with some of the top low-supply cryptocurrency tokens, such as Bitcoin (BTC), the price can rise due to the high demand. Similarly, as the usage of the Pikamoon marketplace rises, the supply will reduce, which could push the price upwards.

Furthermore, 30% of the tokens spent on the marketplace will be used to develop Pikamoon’s ecosystem. The remaining 65% will go toward the P2E pool. These tokens will be allocated monthly to the in-game quests and can be earned as rewards on the Pikaverse.

Pikamoon also charges a 2.5% transaction tax on all sell orders and transfers but none for buying tokens, this decision has been taken to limit the regular selling of the token to control the volatility.

1% of the tax is used towards marketing Pikamoon, 1% to develop the ecosystem, and the remaining 0.5% will be burnt. Thus, $PIKA can be one of the best altcoins to buy in 2023. 

Buy $PIKA During the First Presale Round 

On April 16, 2023, Pikamoon launched $PIKA through its crypto ICO (initial coin offering), with 15 billion tokens (30% of the total supply) allocated equally across three rounds.

During the first presale round, $PIKA will be available to buy for $0.0002 per token, with almost $100,000 raised already.

However, the price will jump to $0.0006 by the final round, equating to a 200% price increase. Thus, investors who move quickly and buy early will gain a significant advantage.

Stay tuned for all the presale updates by joining Pikamoon’s Telegram channel. 

Pikamoon’s Well-Planned Roadmap Can Make it One of the Best Future Crypto Investments

While Pikamoon is yet to release its multiplayer metaverse environment, the storyline of the Dreva universe has been created. 

In the future, the project will work on developing the entire Dreva roadmap and creating and releasing the marketplace.

The P2E gameplay will also feature two main gaming modes – offline campaigns and online multiplayer modes. While the current focus is on the offline mode, the Pikaverse will soon implement the Player v Player (PvP) modes, and introduce online matchmaking rounds and tournaments.

Pikamoon will work on expanding the metaverse in the long term and has already secured partnerships with Kevuru Games and MultiverseX. To integrate fiat payment options, Pikamoon has also onboarded Transak, allowing presale investors to buy $PIKA with a regular payment method.

Thus, after the marketplace and ecosystem are fully accessible, we can see Pikamoon becoming one of the best future cryptocurrency tokens in the space.

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