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P2E Game Battle Infinity Staking – Here’s the Key Benefits for IBAT Holders

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Source: Battle Infinity

Crypto fantasy sports platform Battle Infinity wants to add staking functionalities to its IBAT token. Investors will be excited about this since staking opens up additional income streams on their IBAT investment. 

Just as well, IBAT already has the potential for some impressive gains since it is a blockchain gaming and metaverse application. As one of the most undervalued crypto assets, staking brings more upsides to IBAT holders.

Battle Infinity and IBAT – Reshaping the Fantasy Sports Space 

Being one of the best cryptos to buy, Battle Infinity looks to reshape fantasy sports. Its main offering, IBAT Premier League, enables players to compete in a traditional fantasy sports environment, albeit in the metaverse. Players can form teams by selecting NFTs that represent their favorite athletes, and these NFTs can be purchased and traded in-app, allowing players to earn in the form of the platform’s native IBAT token.

The athlete NFTs receive more points and value based on the performances of the real-life athletes they represent. Each season, the team with the most points in a league is declared the winner, and the owners are rewarded with IBAT.

Battle Infinity is one of the most popular blockchain gaming projects available. Its combination with the non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn (P2E) model, and the metaverse creates the ideal gameplay engine. Now, with the introduction of staking, IBAT is adding yet another layer f functionality. 

IBAT Staking: Bringing Passive Income to a Thriving Ecosystem

IBAT is a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin, meaning holders can lock the asset within the gaming protocol to earn more units. The asset’s durability is a major reason investors desire it. 

Source: Battle Infinity

Staking has grown in popularity among cryptocurrency enthusiasts because it allows them to earn passive income. Instead of investing in costly mining equipment, holders can simply lock their coins and earn interest on their holdings. According to reports, institutional investors started participating in the cryptocurrency market in 2021, increasing the amount of cryptocurrency staked by 6%.

IBAT is currently significantly undervalued. As the asset becomes more widely available on exchanges, we anticipate its price will skyrocket as more investors pile in. Early investors can now enjoy gains and low-risk returns on an asset with a significant upside.

With the crypto market currently in a downturn, this is the ideal time for investors to reap the benefits of both passive income and interest on an asset with a lot of upside in the near term. 


Battle Infinity’s IBAT token is one of the most promising coins on the market. IBAT’s presale was a huge success, and analysts believe it will generate even more revenue once it lists on more exchanges and the Battle Infinity platform reaches critical mass.

However, investors looking for other high-value presales should look into Tamadoge (TAMA). Tamadoge allows players to earn money by battling NFT digital pets. The asset is still presale, and its developers have raised $17 million in less than three months. TAMA could easily be one of the most undervalued coins available.

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