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Orderly Network Revolutionizes DEX Development: Unveils Omnichain Perpetual Futures Orderbook for Developers

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

Announcing: Orderly Omnichain – The realization of the first step in our vision: a high-speed shared liquidity CLOB trading infrastructure, with liquidity deployed across all leading chains.

Now, Perp traders from all major chains will settle orders in one unified order book. You’ll be trading seamlessly with users on different blockchains without even realising it. We’re rolling out institutional-grade order-book perps to all your favorite dApps, everywhere.


  • Orderly is already powering several dApps, and CEXs, on the NEAR Blockchain.
  • Orderly Network now goes omnichain; this time, we welcome EVM developers.
  • Expect institutional-grade order book infrastructure using our omnichain settlement layer.
  • Orderly aims to deploy on all major chains, concentrating liquidity, and building a collaborative ecosystem.
  • Developers can now create dApps that allow users to interact with them, no matter the chain, powered by LayerZero.
  • A trader for example, on Polygon can trade against traders on other chains like Arbitrum or AVAX, without leaving Polygon.
  • Orderly’s Stack will enable all your favorite dApps to integrate CLOB perp trading, cutting integration hassles and serving brokers, HFT, dApps, and more.
  • Developers have the capability to construct their own Perps DEX, leveraging a high-speed, shared liquidity CLOB trading infrastructure that’s accessible across the leading EVM chains.

A New Era in DEX Development:

Orderly Network is excited to unveil its strategic omnichain expansion. Think of it as an all-chain trading infrastructure settlement layer, to be deployed everywhere. Built to be omnichain, Orderly will be completely chain-agnostic. A feat made possible by Orderly Vaults’ cross-chain messaging, powered by LayerZero. Beyond just a technological leap, this launch highlights our commitment to supporting builders across all chains; this time we welcome EVM builders to our SDK as part of our omnichain drive.

The Technological Leap:

Developers, brace yourselves for a transformative journey as we simplify the complex, empower creativity, and reduce go-to-market time to just a few days.

“Our goal is to empower developers to concentrate on innovation, not infrastructure,” says Ran Yi, CEO of Orderly Network. “With our Omnichain Perpetual Futures Orderbook, we’re making DEX development accessible to everyone.

The Rise of Mainstream Order Books:

We’re rolling out institutional-grade order books with ready to use liquidity, now compatible with all your favorite dApps. This is a feature that has mostly been absent in the DEX landscape. While most protocols have leaned on the AMM model, primarily due to technological constraints, the era of mainstream order books has arrived. Consider Orderly that final, missing piece of the puzzle.

Addressing the Cross-chain Conundrum: 

In addition to AMM limitations, cross-chain derivative trading introduces its own set of challenges. Users often face the complexities of bridging assets across chains, which not only complicates their experience but also introduces risks associated with wrapped assets. While these swaps are beneficial for many, they might not fully cater to the diverse needs of traders, from novices to high-frequency trading (HFT) experts. Orderly, addresses the cross-chain conundrum, ensuring streamlined, secure, and efficient cross-chain derivative trading for all user levels.

Impressive Partnerships and Expansions:

Top dApps on NEAR protocol have already been using the Orderly SDK; it’s not just the DEXs that are taking notice. Leading centralized exchanges (CEXs) such as WOO X, and BTSE have also integrated with the Orderly Stack, to power their decentralized order books and perps. Alongside top dApps like REF Finance and Sweat Economy, several other protocols are tapping into the Orderly SDK, to augment their platforms with swap capabilities and perpetual futures.

Welcoming the EVM Community:

Now, Orderly brings its platform to all chains, including the EVM community, which remains a homeground of DeFi innovation, and boasts an impressive developer ecosystem. This comes at a juncture as CEXs and DeFi converge, leveraging Ethereum’s security, and the interoperability of LayerZero.

Not Just a Platform – A Collaborative Ecosystem:

Integrating with Orderly doesn’t just bring liquidity to a dApp. It opens doors to a vast network of influential Web2 companies and Web3 protocols. This includes cloud infrastructure, fiat gateways, wallets, our comprehensive business development initiatives, and investments through Radiance Ventures. We are not just a platform; we’re a collaborative ecosystem, bringing comprehensive infrastructure, ready-to-use liquidity, and an advanced developer toolbox, designed to empower builders across all blockchains. Watch closely. We’re expanding to leading networks: [TBD], Arbitrum, Optimism, Linea, Polygon, Scroll, and Avalanche. 

In Their Words: Collaborator Insights 

OP Labs

“Orderly has fostered a thriving ecosystem of projects and developers committed to building a more open and decentralized future, and we couldn’t be more excited to see a values-aligned community expand into the Optimism Collective. We’re happy to collaborate with protocols like Orderly that provide developers with tools that support growth within our shared ecosystems.” Smit Vachhani, Head of Defi Partnerships at OP Labs


“Through Orderly’s deployment on Arbitrum, we’re excited to see Arbitrum’s transaction efficiency merged with Orderly’s passion for empowering builders. Together, we’re advancing a user-centric, decentralized future for dApps.”

— Nina, Arbitrum Foundation


“As a leader in zkEVM Layer 2 solutions, Linea is thrilled to be part of Orderly Network’s groundbreaking omnichain initiative. The future of DeFi is not just about reducing costs or increasing speed; it’s about breaking down the barriers between blockchains to create a truly interoperable ecosystem. Orderly’s Omnichain Settlement Layer is a monumental step in that direction, and we’re excited to bring Linea’s low gas fees, fast transactions, and Ethereum-level security to this revolutionary platform.” Declan Fox, Product Lead

Polygon Labs 

“Orderly’s deployment on Polygon is very exciting. Their launch ties in with the Polygon Labs vision for creating a settlement layer for global value exchange. The Polygon blockchain offers a robust network, and Orderly provides dApp users with a unique cross-chain experience.” – Jack Melnick, DeFi Lead, Polygon Labs


We’re pleased to announce Orderly Network’s collaboration with Scroll. This will allow dApp developers on Scroll to access new trading tools, including perps and order book trading. We’re excited about the solutions this will bring to life, all enhanced by our zero-knowledge technology. Orderly Network is going to enable the next chapter for many users and developers.

— Sandy Peng, Scroll.

AVA Labs

“Orderly’s choice of Avalanche in its expansion underscores our shared vision. With the integration of institutional-grade order book perps, Avalanche dApps have additional access to trading tools like CLOB perpetual futures, helping to further enrich our perp ecosystem.” – Luigi D’Onorio DeMeo, Head of DeFi and DevRel at Ava Labs

Feature Showcase:

With this launch, Orderly showcases:

The Omnichain Advantage: Our omnichain settlement layer allows incredible flexibility, enabling Orderly to offer trading features that even high-frequency traders will appreciate, attracting volume and liquidity typically reserved for a CEX.

Unrivaled User Experience: We aim to match CEX capabilities and exceed their product offerings, Orderly offers incredibly fast, intuitive, and frictionless trading experiences. You may have heard of bold claims like this before but we are on the brink of offering these capabilities. The power of composability allows developers to introduce unique features into Orderly, leading to a comprehensive, and community driven product suite.

Real Yield Opportunities: Orderly will generate revenue from various trading and LP activities on the platform redistributing it to stakeholders throughout the ecosystem. We will also integrate our market-making strategies, whereby liquidity providers will earn authentic real yield, while tapping into our network of institutional traders.

Chain Agnostic for End-users: Developers can now create dApps that allow users to interact with them, no matter the chain, making bridges obsolete for developing a multichain dApp, all thanks to LayerZero’s multichain interoperability. Leveraging LayerZero’s omnichain interoperability, the underlying chain becomes largely transparent to users. For instance, a trader on Arbitrum can effortlessly settle a trade with a user on Polygon.

“We’re excited that Orderly has decided to integrate with LayerZero to enable omnichain functionality for all developers building on the Orderly stack,” said Seena Foroutan, Global Head of Business Development at LayerZero Labs. ”It is clear the future of DeFi is omnichain and projects like Orderly are accelerating this journey.”  

Built for Composability: Orderly’s framework supports modular dApp development, allowing developers to integrate CLOB perp trading into new or existing dApps tailored to their user needs. We are constantly adding new features to the Orderly SDK. 

Top CEXs Partner with Orderly. Step onto a platform chosen by leading CEXs for their DeFi initiatives. Harness our sturdy infrastructure for your DApp. With proven reliability through partnerships with WOO X and BTSE this type of integration is fast becoming a compelling narrative, driven by customer demands. 

“Our new platform, BTSE DEX, was created with Orderly to offer decentralized trading to beginners and professional traders alike. The orderbook infrastructure created by Orderly simplified and streamlined our DEX’s development, and we know that DeFi builders will benefit immensely from the team’s new EVM SDK,” said Henry Liu, CEO of BTSE.

Willy Chuang, COO of WOO commented “What distinguishes WOO is that we are hybrid in nature with exchanges that pervade both CeFi and DeFi. Orderly’s EVM SDK will see our decentralized arm strengthen, adding omnichain orderbook trading to WOOFi’s arsenal and providing more value capture for the WOO token. “

Our Team Speaks Your Language: With roots in both crypto and traditional finance, we understand developer needs and ensure our platform bridges both worlds. Any dApp building on Orderly will have immediate access to our tooling, partnerships and business development efforts.

Simplifying DEX Launch: Driving Industry Transformation

By simplifying the process of launching a DEX, Orderly Network is poised to drive significant industry transformation. Our solution eliminates the need for laborious integration processes, hunt for liquidity, reduces time-to-market, and makes it an invaluable asset for brokers, aggregators, wallets & custodians, HFT, trading bots, hedging, games/dApps, and more.

“Orderly’s architecture is ingeniously designed to be effortlessly composable, a characteristic resonating deeply with DeFi’s foundational principles. Our collaboration with notable CEXs further demonstrates our unparalleled capabilities. Moreover, with the backing of industry titans like Nomura’s Laser Digital, Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and Sequoia China, we are poised to drive DeFi’s evolution,” shared Arjun Arora, COO of Orderly Network

“Laser Digital (a Nomura Group company) congratulates Orderly on the launch of Omnichain, unleashing new capabilities for digital assets. Their vision aligns with our own — to foster innovation and collaboration for greater progress in blockchain technology” – Olivier Dang, General Partner of Laser Digital Ventures

Build the Future With Us:

Are you ready to elevate your dApp development experience? Explore our comprehensive documentation here and discover how Orderly Network can help you build better, faster, and more efficiently.

About Orderly Network:

Orderly Network is an omnichain trading infrastructure that unifies liquidity across blockchains.

We are building the ultimate trading lego for seamless dApp integration by any builder on any blockchain. We are transforming DeFi by combining the transparency and composability of DEXs, with the speed and performance of CEXs.


Media Contacts:
Orderly PR
[email protected]

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.