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Orbeon Protocol Presale Sees 655% Price Increase, Solana and Chiliz Holders Reinvest After Price Drop

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It’s been a difficult month for crypto, however tokens like Solana (SOL) and Chiliz (CHZ) have resisted the extremes of the bear market. While most cryptos have been affected by the dramatic fall of FTX, Solana has maintained a strong trading volume despite being closely tied to FTX. Chiliz’ price managed to rebound quickly from the FTX effect as well, despite pervasive bearish momentum across the market.  Meanwhile, Orbeon Protocol, in its third round of presale, has been unaffected by the fallout as it sees a 655% price increase. 


Orbeon Protocol sees a 6000% price prediction from market analysts

Orbeon Protocol has made waves across the venture capital and fundraising industries as a new investment platform. Using fractionalized NFTs, Orbeon Protocol provides solutions to the issues that startups and investors face in the venture capital market.

Early-stage companies that wish to raise capital can use Orbeon Protocol to mint and issue fractionalized, equity-backed NFTs which can be purchased and traded from as low as $1. This allows them to raise funds far more quickly, while investors can access the previously exclusive VC market.

Thanks to this strong real-world use case, ORBN has seen immense demand during presale as the projects native token. In a few weeks, ORBN has already risen from $0.004 to $0.030, and analysts have forecasted this could rise by 6000% to $0.24 if the current trend continues.

This means that Orbeon Protocol could be a great opportunity for investors who are looking to diversify alongside  Chiliz and Solana. 


Solana (SOL) price and TVL have dropped dramatically

About a month ago, Solana was poised to challenge Ethereum, and then the FTX disaster struck. This has spooked investors, as we can see from price action and TVL data from Defilama.  1 year ago Solana’s TVL (Total Value Locked) was nearing $10 bn, 1 month ago $1bn.  As of time of writing it is currently sitting at $290m proving that a large number of investors have pulled their money out of Solana’s chain.

Still, as many have pointed out, TVL is not always a clear metric to judge by, so let’s look at price. At the height of the bull run, SOL was trading at $200 a coin, 1 month ago it was at around $33, and at the time of writing Solana’s native coin is trading at around $13. Technical analysts suggest that the next price level could be as low as $4. However, many savvy investors have recognised this drop as an opportunity.

As the Solana ecosystem remains strong with a high trading volume and NFT marketplace, analysts predict that over time the token will regain more of its value in the bull market, which could lead to strong returns for investors.

Chiliz (CHZ) grows in popularity as the World Cup nears the finals

Chiliz blockchain powers the Socios.com, a sports based platform for fans, where CHZ is the native token. Momentum for Chiliz began at the end of July, when the price began to rise from its summer lows of $0.10, all the way to $0.27 on the 19th November. 

Just like other soccer related tokens such as WCI (World Cup Inu), the trend here was to buy the rumour and sell the news, as the Chiliz coin began to drop on the first day of the World Cup, and is currently sitting at $0.14.

Negative price action aside, Chiliz does feature a diverse list of use cases, with partnerships across the sporting world with teams like Juventus, and even the wrestling giant WWE. Many of these entities aim to use CHZ as a fan governance token to let them decide the future of their favourite teams. As such, if Chiliz continues to grow, investors are confident they will see large returns as CHZ grows in adoption worldwide.

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