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Oort launched its decentralized storage service (Oort DSS) to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 users

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New York, United States, 29th March, 2023, Chainwire

Oort, a Web3 data cloud service provider, is proud to announce the official release of its decentralized object storage service (Oort DSS) that enables users to store and retrieve data securely from anywhere at any time. As one of Oort’s flagship products, DSS is designed to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 users by offering reliable, decentralized data infrastructure.

Oort DSS simplifies the decentralized storage process, making it easy for users who know nothing about blockchain or Web3 to enjoy the benefits of a decentralized network. With Oort DSS, users can store and manage their data with best-in-class privacy and security at a competitive price point. The platform is designed to handle different storage needs, including both hot and cold storage, ensuring that users can access their data quickly when needed and keep it safe when not in use.

“We are thrilled to launch Oort DSS, a decentralized object storage service that offers users the best of decentralization without the heavy learning curves,” said Dr. Max Li, founder & CEO of Oort. “We want to empower individuals, businesses, and developers to take control of their data and benefit from the advantages of a decentralized network. In Oort DSS, we aim to create a world where natural language is the sole tool needed for data interaction.”

Oort DSS represents a breakthrough in storage technology, as it is the first platform that allows users to manage all types of data on a fully decentralized network with enterprise-level performance and stability. Unlike other decentralized storage services that compromise speed when it comes to hot data, the novel architecture of Oort decentralized infrastructure enables fast and efficient access to hot data. Additionally, Oort DSS offers exceptional scalability, enabling individuals, developers, and teams to build and scale their applications without worrying about data storage limitations.

At Oort, we are committed to fostering a community-driven approach to decentralized storage. That’s why Oort DSS is designed with developers in mind, and is fully compatible with the most mainstream data migration and management tools, such as Rclone, AWS CLI, S3 Browser, and more. This enables developers to explore, interact, and build on DSS, creating new applications that leverage the benefits of decentralized storage. We envision a vibrant ecosystem of developers, users, and businesses who share our vision of a decentralized future where users truly own and control their data.

“We envision Oort DSS to be adopted by more Web3 projects so they don’t need to rely on legacy data infrastructure to manage their data that is supposed to be decentralized,” added Dr. Max Li. “We also believe Web2 users and businesses can benefit a lot since we offer a price that’s up to 80% cheaper than legacy providers.”

Oort DSS is now available for commercial use. For more information, please visit

About Oort

Oort is a decentralized data cloud that provides unparalleled privacy, reliability, and cost efficiency. It enables developers and businesses to build and scale their applications with ease while ensuring that their data remains secure and accessible. Users can store and manage their data securely from anywhere in the world while retaining complete control. Join us in building the most trusted data cloud for a more secure and decentralized future.

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Oort | The Web3 Data Cloud
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