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NOVATOKEN: Green energy produced by practicing sports!

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Presentation of the project

Novatoken is an innovative project combining ecology, sport and crypto! Using human energy, the NVT has created a bike that will power a tablet and permanently undermine transactions on the blockchain.

An ecological system in proof of stake – in accordance with EU laws The NVT has anticipated some discussions in the European Parliament, such as the MICA bill (MARKETS IN CRYPTO ASSETS) which strongly points to the energy-intensive mining of the cryptocurrency.

“Players in the cryptoasset market will be required to report information about their environmental and climate footprint.”

(source: Council of the European Union > Digital Finance, EU Council of 30 June 2022)


The concept of Sport To Earn is inspired by that of “Play To earn”.

We have created a virtuous system that allows anyone who wants it to:

  • to play sports
  • to undermine a transaction
  • get rewards *

*(These mining rewards will be in Nova tokens.)

The bikes are designed by French developers and will be available in early 2023.

Once the bike is received, simply turn on the tablet and let yourself be guided.


We have created a fully decentralized exchange.

Novatoken aims to take the lead in establishing a new benchmark in the world of cryptocurrency.

The Nova offers a fairly complete ecosystem

  • Its own Blockchain cross-chain with the BSC
  • His decentralized wallet
  • Its own exchange
  • Its farming and stacking working with ecological and sports mining


Website:    https://www.novatoken.fr/index-en.html
Twitter:      https://twitter.com/nova_token
Facebook:  https://bit.ly/3Mu8Naf
YouTube:    https://bit.ly/3Cqbwx2
Discord:      https://discord.gg/eFAXFeXV
Novatoken social Network: https://novatoken.fr/social/?lang=en_us 

Company of NOVATOKEN is:
Zeublockchain LTD 13633015