04 May 2018 · 1 min read

No Money for Lawsuit Against Roger Ver's Website but Mistake Corrected

After announcing their intent to file a lawsuit for fraud against Bitcoin.com for labeling Bitcoin Cash “Bitcoin” and the real Bitcoin “Bitcoin Core,” the pro-BTC community has reversed this plan on their Telegram channel on May 3rd, citing lack of funds. However, Bitcoin.com has since corrected their mistake, adding the “Cash” part to BCH, while still naming BTC as "Bitcoin Core".

Source: iStock/Diy13

Twitter user MoneyTrigz, who originally launched the idea of the lawsuit, tweeted, “We appreciate the 31 people that donated to the initiative. But USD 3,700 won't be enough to do much, so we decided to cancel the initiative and refund the 31 transactions (total 0.39BTC). I’m happy were able to at least get bitcoin.com make 90% changes on its fraud and disinformation.”

Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin cryptocurrency, called the lawsuit “stupid” at first, but retracted his statement in a tweet, saying that the lawsuit has obviously “done some good” by making Roger Ver, the creator of bitcoin.com, correct the erroneous claims made on his website. The group’s response to the decision to pull the lawsuit has been largely positive, with one user saying it was “the first time Roger [Ver] scaled back on his fraudulent practices.”

The civil war between BTC and BCH will presumably keep raging, although it often boils down to fans of both picking petty fights. However, this move should not be seen as a loss for BCH: if anything, it is a help to crypto rookies to not make mistakes because of Bitcoin confusion. As a certain videogame would say, “War. War never changes.”