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Nimbus Announces the Listing of Its Governance Token on Uniswap

Last updated: | 2 min read
Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by

GNBU on Uniswap

Despite the volatility on the crypto market, higher interest from regulators, and global uncertainty, DeFi industry continues to boom. There are plenty of investment opportunities, you just need to try them and see what suits you best. For example, let us look at Nimbus, a project that claims to redefine the DeFi space.

After a successful launch of its utility token, which has reached a market cap of $35mln within only two days after the release, Nimbus listed its GNBU governance token on Uniswap, the biggest decentralized exchange. Thus, anyone can become a part of the project.
The Nimbus ecosystem provides more than 10 earning strategies for users based on four decentralized applications (dApps) with diversified revenue generation mechanisms behind them:

  1. Nimbus IPO Hub dApp – a decentralized application that allows users to participate in classic IPOs with crypto. Users with any amount of assets will be able to form part in IPOs. One of the biggest advantages that Nimbus offers its DAO participants is the possibility to vote on which IPOs to include in the pool. Moreover, the policy of no extra brokerage fees or registrations makes the system completely hustle-free and efficient.
  2. Nimbus Crowdfunding dApp – gives users access to convertible notes and capital of future unicorns via pools. Anyone can place any crypto amount and avoid the common bureaucracy and extra fees. Just like with IPOs, DAO participants can vote on which startups to include to the final asset recipient list. Additionally, before submitting any new project it runs a complex evaluation system.
  3. P2P Lending dApp – P2P lending dApps connect borrowers with lenders via liquidity pools with different risk-mitigation mechanisms. The main goal is to make lending and borrowing customizable so that each participant can find conditions that fit him by choosing between different collateral types, payback options, reward mechanisms for lenders and so on.
  4. Crypto Arbitrage Trading – a decentralized version of the well-known Nimbus’ trading app that seeks to offer users a seamless ecosystem with a set of overlays for efficient and flawless risk management and mitigation. It is worth noting that the centralized version of the Nimbus Сrypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp has already been deployed to 50,000 users.

As you can see, most Nimbus solutions are at the intersection of traditional finance and DeFi. This enables Nimbus to open up the best financial and investment opportunities to all sorts of users and make them more efficient and rewarding. In the long term, Nimbus is expected to transform into a one-stop-shop consisting of even more revenue channels for its users.

The GNBU governance token that has just been listed on Uniswap provides holders with cuts from all revenue channels from the above mentioned dApps. In total, that is more than 10 ongoing earning streams in just one token! This makes GNBU potentially become one of the most successful tokens of its kind in the long run.

Also, Nimbus recently announced its plans to get listed on a top North American Stock Exchange by the end of 2021 which offers even more prospects to GNBU holders.

Don’t lose the historic opportunity and start swapping GNBU on Uniswap within two pairs – ETH/GNBU and NBU/GNBU! Here’s the link:

To learn more about the project visit their website or follow them on Twitter and Telegram!


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.