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This NFT Project will Revolutionize the World of Play 2 Earn Gaming!

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

To combine the world of NFTs with the real world is the main aim of this new NFT project, founded by Dutch creative entrepreneur Jordy Wouters. The goal is to create a strong worldwide community that might very well revolutionize the world of Play 2 Earn gaming. Taking the renowned Pokemon-Go game as an example, Monsta NFT has recently started its journey to conquer the world.

The Monsta project begins with an amazing animated storyline, showcasing the quality of the creative team. The comic-style introduction will most likely be turned into a real comic later on in the project and has the potential to become the basis for a series of short stories, starring the main character of the project; Monsta. The storyline tells us that 2222 Male Monsta had to leave their home planet to escape from a threatening meteorite crash. They are currently looking for a new life on planet Earth, and this is exactly the moment where you and I come in. The project will initially release 2222 Male Monsta NFTs for everyone to buy, prior to releasing their game.

While entering Earth’s atmosphere, the Male Monsta, unfortunately, lost their most precious cargo, Monsta Eggs. Human help is required to retrieve all the eggs that have scattered around the planet. Their Play 2 Earn Game is free to play for everyone, including non-holders, but will have very important privileges for NFT holders. Players are asked to go outside, into the real world, to look for Monsta Eggs. Upon finding these eggs, players will get the opportunity to open them and see what is inside. While most eggs contain rubbish, some of them contain rewards, varying from Cryptocurrency and Merchandise to Baby Monsta NFTs and an actual Monster Truck. Rewards will be locked in a players inventory and can be claimed only by NFT holders.

Wouters is very eager to get his project out there: ‘I’m currently working day and night to promote the project to everyone who wants to hear’. This immense motivation comes from the belief that ‘the project has a very strong foundation and an amazing team of people working hard behind the scenes’, Wouters says. ‘The plans and the artwork are all there, it is now about dotting I’s and crossing T’s’. He states that this is a phase that might take some time, especially since he very much values the input of the community; ‘In the end, we want the community to have a big say in how this project will evolve, so that we can grow together’. 

The release date for the initial 2222 Male Monsta NFTs is yet to be determined and the main focus now lies on growing the community. More information on this very promising project can be found on their social media channels and their website (links below). Here you can also find information on how to enter their private community on discord. We have managed to get a discord-invitation link for the first 500 people who want to join.