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NextEarth Metaverse: Virtual Land Ownership Platform On The Exact Copy Of Earth

Last updated: | 4 min read

NextEarth’s ambition is to create a new digital Earth. This ‘next earth’ is a metaverse that is free from our current society’s power structures. At its core, it is the only digital replica of Earth that is founded upon NFTs and the ability to mint, buy and sell virtual land. With NextEarth, users will have agency and ownership over their lives, instead of a metaverse dominated by digital overlords.

With the token that was freshly launched on 27 January, NextEarth’s NXTT token will be accessible through trading on Uniswap. You will have the opportunity to grab tokens of one of the most innovative decentralized applications to date. 

With NextEarth’s large fan base, clear vision and massive scale, the metaverse will be pushed to reach its potential. NextEarth has arrived. The protocol will be here to push the boundaries of decentralization and the metaverse, as well as keep the integrity of the future of true digital ownership alive.

NextEarth (NXTT) Token Sale

The NXTT token has launched on Uniswap, a fitting platform for the ideals that NextEarth wants to uphold. Through this decentralized exchange, trades are done through smart contracts, through code, which has users in full control of their private keys.

Click here to find the token launch at the top.

One of the questions that the next generation of cryptocurrency wishes to solve is whether gas fees will be low. The NXTT token will run on the Polygon layer of Uniswap, which will ensure that the gas fees are far lower than anything on the main Ethereum chain. Through Polygon, there will also be much faster transaction speeds, making it more efficient than most assets on Ethereum. With low fees and faster transaction speed, NXTT has positioned itself well to be exchanged.

NextEarth also has a scammer prevention mechanism built into the launch. Unfortunately, this comes at a price, which will be an estimated 4% when you buy and 8% when you sell. The developers would rather not have this cost. This is, however, to prevent things like sniper bot hackers who 10x the liquidity pools, send liquidity to you, and crash the price. Hackers will stop once they see this security layer on the token. Once time passes, from days to weeks, then the price will stabilize and you will see these fees lower.

NXTT Tokenomics

NextEarth has one of the most developed tokenomics out of any project.

Many projects just give unspecified ideas on a token’s capabilities and a general distribution chart of the supply. NextEarth’s tokenomics are very precise and founded on mathematical models that have undergone profound analysis with extensive simulations, depicting a tough token economics. Key model inputs include actual measured platform data, NextEarth ecosystem development plan, NXTT token structure and historical volatilities of benchmark tokens.

Of the 60B NXTT tokens that are issued, 5% of the total supply can be sold through a token sale, 20% for the development team (2 year vesting period) with 75% of the supply towards multiple business goals with their own specific vesting schedules. 6% of the token supply will also be released for liquidity.

With the tokenomics being developed under such great care, the token launch for NextEarth was made with several factors in mind. NextEarth makes sure to have all bases covered, making it one of the most highly anticipated token launches in the cryptoverse.

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NFT Land On NextEarth

Read to become citizens of the metaverse?

NextEarth copies the world map and allows you to mint, buy and sell 10×10 tiles of virtual land. After doing so, you will be a user in the NFT economy and meta-citizens. If you would rather buy tiles on a marketplace as a landowner, you can choose to trade for pre-owned tiles that way.

There are three different types of land, water, urban and nonurban and two classes of land, which are either art, land or a combination of the three.

There will also be inner skins that change the landmark from 2D to 3D and outer skins that are just like from a photo or gallery. Inner skins are far more valuable because they require the work of a designer. Skins also come in different rarities, these being common, rare, epic and legendary.

Here is an example of a rare skin, the Statue of Liberty, showing the tile counter, location and collectible group name.

The applications for these tiles are endless, from personal use to business application, making the metaverse one of the most versatile in existence.


With the NXTT token launch, the world is now ready for a state-of-the-art metaverse that is as compelling as it is innovative. With hundreds and thousands of land NFTs being minted and a projected 3.5B tiles to be sold by 2023, it is super early for investors to be jumping on board. Being a citizen on this ambitious new metaverse is a step forward in the cutting edge of metaverse, crypto and decentralization.

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